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FeemoNZ started new topic June 2020

Is anyone else due June 2020 is there a fb group?

Thursday 24 October 12:12pm

FeemoNZ replied to topic Selwyn Midwives

Try the find your midwife website. Each LMC has a wee bit about themselves and gives you a feel for them. There a few awesome ladies on there.

Thursday 24 October 12:09pm

FeemoNZ replied to topic Rural Canterbury?(Leeston,Rakaia,Dunsandel etc)

is lincoln to far? No its not to far away, flick me an email [email protected]

Saturday 05 February 07:29pm

FeemoNZ replied to topic Scared to Breast Feed

Try and take a relaxed approach to BFing, if baby latches and its not painful and you can hear the swallows then you are probably doing great. This is my first baby and she knew exactly what she w...

Sunday 07 March 09:10pm

FeemoNZ replied to topic Would you sneak at the envelope of the babys sex???

Haha, if I had it written down id look. But if you look and your hubby doesnt wanna know you cant go buy pink or blue clothes specifially cause he will know you looked So glad my partner and I w...

Sunday 28 February 06:04pm

FeemoNZ replied to topic Why change the layout?

I'm very confused!!! lol. In a few days time i'll let you know if i got the hang of it yet. At least its not loading as slow as the treasure website does for me.

Friday 26 February 01:12am

FeemoNZ replied to topic when did you know

Well DP and I were standing in a store and i was feeling really sick and tired and just wanted to go home. Then i got to thinking i could smell EVERYTHING things i normally loved smelt terrible and...

Tuesday 23 February 11:01am

FeemoNZ started new topic Awesome product for NZ mummies to be

I was just looking on trade me for a top that i can wear post pregnancy and i found these awesome top/belt things for during pregnancy. I think they look fantastic and are cheap compared to a simil...

Wednesday 17 February 05:54am

FeemoNZ replied to topic Did your waters break before or after loosing mucus plug? Warning could be TMI for some!

I lost some plug, waters broke about 9 hours later then the rest of my plug soon after.

Wednesday 17 February 04:19am

FeemoNZ replied to topic Waiting Waiting

I was fine waiting those last few days, it was the 9 days overdue that got me! For me she was active all the time, even during contractions and labour. My midwife kept thinking another contraction...

Sunday 14 February 10:54am

FeemoNZ replied to topic Is there anything more painfull than childbirth??

I personally havent encountered anything more painful than childbirth, but I have also never had any serious health problems or physical accidents. I had no drugs, and got myself "in the zone" whi...

Sunday 14 February 05:21am

FeemoNZ replied to topic When did your belly drop?

Mine dropped at 39 +5, didnt have her til she was 9 days overdue. I always wondered what it meant by your belly dropping I just couldnt work it out, but now I get it. I got up one morning and it w...

Thursday 11 February 05:09pm

FeemoNZ replied to topic Due in January 2010

Im also having the same fb problem. Been reading through the help section and sounds like fb is having a few issues, it said try changing the group from closed to secret for now and when fb sorts i...

Thursday 11 February 04:52pm

FeemoNZ replied to topic What will you miss about being pregnant?

I miss not having any asthma for 9 months! As soon as she was born it returned and is now back and making up for lost time

Wednesday 10 February 01:40pm

FeemoNZ replied to topic False Labour

It does sound like prelabour. And when you ask about sex to help self induce, go for it if your comfortable doing it. I know it did nothing for me personally to start labour but its worth a shot r...

Wednesday 10 February 06:03am

FeemoNZ replied to topic Due Date & Induction

I had two dates also but having a really rough idea of when my last LMP was we went by my dating scan. Speak to your midwife about what date shes using, but it should be written in your maternity n...

Monday 08 February 05:17am

FeemoNZ replied to topic Bub slightly more posterior. How do I get it to change?

Try keep good posture, dont slouch back on the couch etc. Try spending 30mins a day on hands and knees or leant over a beanbag or something. Also sleeping on your left hand side. They were all thi...

Friday 05 February 03:59pm

FeemoNZ replied to topic Due in September / telling my parents they will be grandparents!

I told my dad by asking if he had any major plans in January, when he asked why, i showed him an ultrasound picture. He was so excited for us, he now has a 10 day old granddaughter who he adores, h...

Friday 05 February 09:57am

FeemoNZ replied to topic how much noise do you make during labour and birth?

I didnt have any pain relief and didnt scream once, however with every contraction i groaned and moaned it helped me concentrate on pushing. I was also on the birthing stool and was leaning against...

Wednesday 03 February 04:41am

FeemoNZ replied to topic hospital bag

I packed about a week before my due date and added bits and pieces up until i went into labour, but i was lazy The longer you stay the more you'll need obviously, i stayed a little under 24 hours...

Monday 01 February 07:13am
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