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(Ash) replied to topic Help please

Ok Ash it is always best to get yourself checked out. Either go to the hospital or see your GP ASAP and request to have a scan/blood test. I would not be too overly concerned but still go see th...

Tuesday 30 August 04:16am

(Ash) started new topic Help please

Hi I did a home pregnancy test a few weeks ago with a positive result. Now, at 7 weeks I'm getting bleeding, more then I had with the first baby. Can anyone tell me what the signs of miscarraige a...

Monday 29 August 05:34pm

(Ash) replied to topic owwww

Try acetone or nail polish remover. That should make the rubber soft enough that you can peel it off. I used acetone to remove silicone from my tiles and kitchen benches.

Sunday 16 January 04:19am

(Ash) replied to topic opinions on big cars

Hey there I'm just upgrading myself, and it's HARD!! I've settled on a 4x4 triton with canopy, but we live on a farm, so it's more practical for us. Station wagons are good, also, as far as sadans...

Saturday 27 November 09:00pm

(Ash) replied to topic Big fatty fat fat

I was feeling exactly the same as you. I would look in the mirror and feel so discusted that I'd almost cry, that's when I started Tony Fergusson. Since then, approximatley 4 months, I've lost 13.5...

Saturday 20 November 12:02am

(Ash) replied to topic Does anyone else feel....

Ignor that rolling eye face at the beginning, I don't know how that got there......

Monday 26 July 02:27am

(Ash) replied to topic Does anyone else feel....

roll eyes I don't know about prenatal depression, but if you think back to having your other children, you will probably remeber feeling weepy etc before the birth. It's perfectly normal, it's beca...

Monday 26 July 02:26am

(Ash) replied to topic getting rid of baby gut!

Well I think you've done great! It's been almost 7 months for me, and I've still got it! (Still, I'm not exactly working at getting rid of it). Pilates is meant to be fantastic for strengthening al...

Monday 26 July 02:20am

(Ash) replied to topic What are the essential to pack???

Well all the things on the lists on website plus: Ural like someone else mentioned. That really does make a difference! Flushable wipes, they are 100% better then toilet paper after having a baby...

Saturday 10 July 12:18am

(Ash) replied to topic Sorry another Slowy Question

Hi there girls! Browning the meat only stops it looking "stewed" in the slow cooker. Browning is meant to lock in flavour, but you don't seem to lose much cooking it in a slow cooker. I never brow...

Thursday 22 April 10:06pm

(Ash) replied to topic Little things that annoy you

Ha Ha Ha! Great funny stuff. I mustn't have selected the send e-mail with updates button, because I didn't realise anyone had replied to my thread! mudooo, your right, in the grand scheme of thin...

Monday 29 March 01:48am

(Ash) started new topic Little things that annoy you

Hi Was just cleaning my house and it made me think of a thread where we can all list the stupid/annoying things people do in our house's that drive us up the wall. Some of mine are: 1. I HATE it ...

Saturday 27 March 02:55am

(Ash) replied to topic Ten to Nine PM

Hey I'm lucky to have a little girl who doesn't wake up when the phone rings. My DH even left his mobile in our room the other night, and when that went off, she still didn't wake up! However, I...

Friday 26 March 11:52pm

(Ash) replied to topic how would you feel

Wow, GBH! In my opinion, your husband is emotinally abusing you. It seems to me that he is trying to make you feel like your lucky to be with him, because your weak and terrible. Well your not! Yo...

Wednesday 24 March 12:16am

(Ash) replied to topic free print - newborn codes

Hi There!! The canvas print offer is in conjunction with snapfish. Have you used that program before? If not, it's a program that you log onto, and upload your photos too. Then you can get prints,...

Tuesday 23 March 11:53pm

(Ash) replied to topic Has anyone applyed for the free canvas?

Hi Yep, i got my reply via e-mail, but it took about three weeks from when i sent it off. Hope you get yours soon!

Tuesday 23 March 11:39pm

(Ash) replied to topic For those in the Gawler area in SA

Hi I went to Gawler High and it wasn't too bad. My younger brother went to Evanston Primary and from memory, it was alright. My brother now goes to Trinity at Gawler, and i'd have to say that it s...

Friday 12 March 05:35am

(Ash) replied to topic Annoyed with MIL

Hey there I remember only having one week to go, and if i even THOUGHT about having to see the MIL, I got extremly annoyed! So vent away hun!! And good luck for the up coming birth!

Friday 12 March 05:27am

(Ash) replied to topic Ending Pregnancies

Posted by: Katey G Ash, I have lost babies and have trouble conceiving and didn't find it offensive. I do however have a husband in the military and realise how hard it is when they go to a warzone...

Tuesday 23 February 03:30pm

(Ash) replied to topic Ending Pregnancies

I completly agree with Flaps, I could NEVER terminate because of timing or because my husband works away. And to all those who are saying she should be more respectful of her feelings, if she can't...

Tuesday 23 February 03:11pm
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