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rach889 replied to topic tommee tippee closer to nature?

WE use closer to nature when he takes expressed milk. If you are wooried about BPA the box will have the pink sticker on the front saying BPA free. Some closer to nature stock is older and does not...

Thursday 06 August 03:40am

rach889 replied to topic Any suggestions would help greatly!

I had issues with my boy. My MW told me to eat heaps of protien and drink lots of water. Protien is what helps put on baby weight. Every time I feed I would have a little something to eat that had ...

Thursday 06 August 03:37am

rach889 replied to topic For mums who want to keep breastfeeding but need to boost milk supply - PLEASE READ!

Also eat lots of protein and make sure you are drinking lots of water. Protein helps baby put on the weight. Also make sure you are eating enough carbs (I know hard to do when you are trying to los...

Thursday 06 August 03:30am
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