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Sturgette replied to topic Maternity Leave Question

chalys is right. Legally you're only on leave, the same as holiday or sick leave. By not officially resigning you're basically breaching your contract of employment and if they wanted to be really ...

Thursday 29 September 06:42am

Sturgette replied to topic SLEEP???How many hours do you get?

Unfortunatly I stay up late, with lunches,cleaning,and washing for 5,plus all the cloth nappies it's about 11-12 before i get to bed, yes sleeping in...oh that sounds nice!!! I'm the same. I onl...

Thursday 29 September 06:37am

Sturgette replied to topic Is this routine normal?

If what you're doing is working then that's great, just remember that a newborn can quite quickly change their own routine and may not want to conform to it again. If you start having issues don't ...

Saturday 03 September 09:26am

Sturgette replied to topic Breastfeeding, Exercise and Stress

If you want to try for a bit longer, a high protien diet, Sustagen Hospital Grade - if not in woolies then at you local chemist, Breast Feeding Support vitamin (if you can't get that the Fenugreek ...

Saturday 03 September 09:15am

Sturgette replied to topic Which formula???

I use Karicare Aptamil. It's supposed to help support a developing immune system. S26 didn't agree with my first child so I wouldn't use it again.

Saturday 03 September 08:58am

Sturgette replied to topic has anyone been told the sex of the baby at a scan

Not for me, they were right on both counts. And on the first one they couldn't really see until the 32 week mark, so the 'I Thinks' before that were right too. I think they rarely get it wrong

Saturday 03 September 08:45am

Sturgette replied to topic Screams before bedtime

I'd look for medical reasons first, but in the interim maybe you should get him to sleep before you put him into bed. A few weeks of this while you figure out the issue won't hurt. When our DD was ...

Saturday 03 September 08:41am

Sturgette replied to topic 2.5 year old hardly eats

It's not you! My DD has only just started eating meat again. My niece didn't eat properly for a year and she's fine. My midwife at my Baby clinic has always said that a child will never starve them...

Saturday 03 September 08:37am

Sturgette replied to topic Just when you think you have the sleep thing figured out......

Not sure if any of this will help. My DD didn't want to sleep on her own until she was 18 months. When she finally did sleep we had to stay with her until she was asleep. My DS is nearly 11 weeks a...

Saturday 03 September 08:16am

Sturgette replied to topic I thought my washing routine was ok

I start my washing on Sunday and finish it on Monday. Unless there's been an accident or an item of clothing is needed then that's it!

Wednesday 24 August 02:54am

Sturgette replied to topic Co-Sleeping

if i put her on my side she could fall out Push your hubby to the edge of the bed so you're closer to the middle. At 4 weeks she's not going to roll anywhere. That's what we've done for both of ...

Wednesday 24 August 02:43am

Sturgette replied to topic Removal of tonsils

I don't know of any books, but I had my tonsils and adenoids removed when I was young and I can tell from experience that the promise of lots of Ice Cream and custard can go a long way

Wednesday 24 August 02:33am

Sturgette replied to topic Are Jasper or Audrey too popular?

I know no Jasper's or Audrey's and I think they're both nicer than either of your alternatives.

Wednesday 24 August 02:27am

Sturgette replied to topic I had a massive freak out!!!!!

It's shocking how ignorant people can be. More than once DH and I have stopped to help a parent struggling with a child. We've never been in a situation like yours but that wouldn't stop us trying ...

Tuesday 02 August 08:05pm

Sturgette replied to topic Tarnie-lee likes Penny, Keira or Prudence. What do you think?

Penny and Jasper are my fav's

Tuesday 02 August 07:07pm

Sturgette replied to topic Boy and Girl names starting with 'T'

Girl Tabitha Talissa Thandie Topaz Tristana Boy Tayden Thackery Thatcher Torran Tristan

Tuesday 05 July 08:54am

Sturgette started new topic New but not :)

Hello, I'm Kelly and I have two beautiful babies, one who's nearly 2 and one who's just 2 weeks. I actually joined here after DD was born but she was a reflux baby who quickly became a clingy b...

Tuesday 05 July 08:34am

Sturgette replied to topic Just made the mistake of

I don't believe this tax will actually improve anything. The cost is just going to be passed onto us in everything we buy. Gillard says it's not going to affect petrol prices but the Greens don't l...

Tuesday 05 July 08:20am

Sturgette replied to topic Baby monitor reccomendation?

We use the Angelcare monitor with movement pad. We didn't get it until DD was a few weeks old and from the first night my sleep improved ten fold! The sensor pad is brilliant! It's a bit pricey but...

Tuesday 05 July 08:14am

Sturgette replied to topic Bassinet

Try going somewhere like the Pram Warehouse. We got ours from there for our first bub (can't remember what we paid for it, sorry) and they had a good variety to choose from. I don't think we paid t...

Monday 04 July 08:10am
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