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Shani27 replied to topic Dental check up ?

I started taking both of my kids to dentist from 1 years old. It paid off because now my 3 years old have absolutely no fear of dentists. Their first checkups are very basic, to see if there are ...

Wednesday 22 May 08:44pm

Shani27 started new topic Huggies Book club security certificate

When I tried to login into my account with huggies book club a security certificate warning was displayed by my browser. It looks like their IIS certificate has expired on 5/5/2012. Is it still saf...

Wednesday 09 May 11:24pm

Shani27 replied to topic Getting car seat installed?

Oh that makes it so much easier. I already was imagining how they have to cut holes in my car and charge me 100 bucks for it to get the anchor in. Thanks for you help!

Friday 23 September 10:04pm

Shani27 replied to topic Gall stones following pregnancy

I was diagnosed with gallblader stones 5 months after having DS. Went to ER with severe pain and was operated on in the morning the following day. It was a keyhole surgery so I had 4 little holes d...

Friday 23 September 09:55pm

Shani27 replied to topic Getting car seat installed?

Yep, I always thought we had a part missing from there lol. What are they used for and how?

Friday 23 September 09:48pm

Shani27 started new topic Need help with third name

My DH's family has a tradition where all the boys in the family have to have 3 names. Well it worked out well for our first bub, but we seem to have used up all our favorite names on him. Now that ...

Friday 23 September 09:46pm

Shani27 replied to topic Getting car seat installed?

Since we are talking about bolts and installing car seats, I am going to have another bub in november and can't seem to find second anchor in my car for second seat. I have Holden Commodore. How wo...

Friday 23 September 09:39pm

Shani27 replied to topic 2 credit cards

Yes we are in Australia. From what I have found out from other banks I called so far we actually have one of the higherest rates. I found a good bank to transfer my husband's balance too, but I can...

Monday 04 July 05:48pm

Shani27 started new topic 2 credit cards

Need some financial advise on how to best pay off our two credit cards. Prior to having babies we had two credit cards (his and hers) and we pretty much stayed on top of repayments and had balance...

Monday 04 July 03:50pm

Shani27 replied to topic Where to give Birth!

I live in a rural community as well with hospital about an hour away (unless I hit trafic >.<). I am defenately not brave enough to give birth at home, simply due to worry about complications...

Sunday 08 May 05:52pm

Shani27 replied to topic Barcode ELC promo

Yeah page seem to be broken, as well as most of the huggies website is very sluggish. You can kind of get to sign up for promotion, but has to keep trying and trying.

Tuesday 05 April 10:02pm

Shani27 replied to topic new regulations

Why on earth would they do that? What is wrong with egg hunts and xmas trees? I come from a different culture and my husband is an aussie, from the very start we decided to combine both of our cult...

Tuesday 05 April 12:00am

Shani27 replied to topic Swimming Lessons for toddlers

I have started taking my DS to swimming lessons since he was 7 months old (he is 14 months now). I think it is a good activity for them todo, if your daughter likes water. It is fun for them as mos...

Saturday 26 March 05:35pm

Shani27 replied to topic possible miscarriage

How many weeks are you suppose to be? I am in early pregnancy myself right now and don't know my dates, so will have to have a dating scan at around 6 weeks time. My doctor said that my HcG level h...

Thursday 24 March 07:32pm

Shani27 started new topic Need help with Double pram selection

I recently found out that I might be pregnant with my second child and my DS is only 14 months, so I need to look at buying some sort of double pram. With DS I bought Stealcraft Orbit and love it....

Sunday 20 March 07:58pm

Shani27 replied to topic Trying to study . But I feel so dumb . I want to CRY !!

I am doing Cert 3 in Financial Services(accounting) through OTEN and I feel exactly the same way. Lately I just can't concentrate. Yesterday I asked my DH to look after DS for couple of hours so I ...

Thursday 17 March 07:47pm

Shani27 replied to topic How long can you use a tin of formula for?

I used to do the same, I used to write a date when I opened the can on the top of it so I know when to chuck it out. Now I am lucky if it lasts me a week.

Saturday 05 March 09:29am

Shani27 replied to topic mucus plug??

5 days from when I started losing my plug to when I went to labour.

Friday 04 March 08:06pm

Shani27 replied to topic young DF going out

I am 28 and I still sometimes feel like that too. Even though my DS is now 13 months old I still feel like I am missing out on things sometimes, especially because all my friends are still single a...

Friday 04 March 07:39pm

Shani27 replied to topic pillow

At about 12 months my DS developed obsesions with pillows. We had couch pillows and he would drag them on the floor and put his head down on them pretending he is sleeping. So thats when I got him ...

Friday 04 March 07:18pm
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