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Michelle_M started new topic Short cervix

Hi everyone. I'm looking for stories from people in similar situations. I have one healthy baby boy (3.5yrs), born at 40.3 weeks with no complications. Last year at 27.2 my daughter was stil...

Sunday 24 November 10:17am

Michelle_M replied to topic PCOS and BF

Thank you so much to everyone who replied. I am certainly armed with a lot more information this time around and I feel a lot stronger. You all have helped me feel that which ever method I choose ...

Sunday 26 February 01:49am

Michelle_M replied to topic Feeling entirely undesirable and unsexy.

Honey, you are NOT alone in this feeling!!! I remember feeling the exact same way when I was pregnant with DS. My DH was not interested in sex AT ALL and I felt so yuk as like you I have a high sex...

Friday 24 February 07:18pm

Michelle_M started new topic PCOS and BF

Hi all. I have PCOS and I know that this leads to low milk supply. With DS I wasn't armed with this knowledge and tried BF, he had beautiful attachment but because I had no milk the poor little gu...

Friday 24 February 07:11pm

Michelle_M replied to topic My Kitchen Rules

lol - I think the entire nation feels the same as you!! I have been reading the MKR Facebook page and there are nothing but comments about his bad attitude. He is way to childish for a show like th...

Friday 24 February 07:04pm

Michelle_M replied to topic How long does a BF take usually?

I can totally relate to your story and good for you for giving it another go. I have PCOS and that leads to low milk supply (which I didn't know until it was too late), so DS was feeding for an hou...

Friday 24 February 06:18pm

Michelle_M replied to topic Warning may be TMI but have to ask

While this has never happened to me, it doesn't sound normal. My advice would be to see a DR as soon as you can. Maybe you need to change pills (my pill always lightened my period) or maybe there's...

Friday 24 February 06:06pm

Michelle_M replied to topic Ultrasound disappointment

Hi all Thank you for your replies. It is comforting to know that there are some people out there who understand our frustration. We are eager to find out the gender so that we can prepare for t...

Friday 24 February 12:35am

Michelle_M started new topic Ultrasound disappointment

Hi all. I'm 20 weeks and went for my ultrasound on Monday, was so looking forward to this one to be able to find out the sex so we could start shopping and decorating the nursery (like we did with ...

Thursday 23 February 08:04pm

Michelle_M started new topic attn keeki 3 day tt update:)

Hi Nurserygirl, Sorry to hear about the gastro, but glad your DD is all better now. Would it be possible for you to forward me the toilet training info please. [email protected] Much appre...

Thursday 16 February 02:11am

Michelle_M replied to topic Really fast heart beat.

Just for your own peace of mind, I would ring and speak to your midwife. There's nothing worse than worrying or consulting "Dr Google." Besides, you don't need the extra stress, especially because ...

Wednesday 15 February 03:33am

Michelle_M replied to topic 3 day TT

Hi! This sounds fantastic. We have just started TT with our DS, he's going so well but would love other options. [email protected] THank you so much for sharing

Thursday 09 February 02:34am

Michelle_M replied to topic How to get rid of the dummy???

My DS was 8 months when we decided to get rid of his dummy as he was waking in the night because it had fallen out and he couldn't find it. We went cold turkey and by night three he was sleeping th...

Friday 21 October 10:52pm

Michelle_M replied to topic How to I get my toddler to stay in his bed??

Firstly, congratulations on your second pregnancy!! I have heard about "magic lights" which are on timers and you explain to your child that he isn't to get out of bed until the light comes on. The...

Friday 21 October 10:41pm

Michelle_M replied to topic Highlights of being a mum - share yours!

My DS is 16 months old and what an amazing journey it has been! I have to agree with you, the fact I gave birth to him is beautiful, the beginning of his life! The sleepless nights, hours spent ho...

Friday 19 August 01:25am

Michelle_M replied to topic Tell me girls....

Congratulations!!! So exciting!!! I couldn't help but laugh at your comment about having sore boobs the first time around!!! I was exactly the same with my DS. I only have the one bub so I can't sa...

Sunday 24 July 06:03am

Michelle_M replied to topic What is everyones opinion on Bonjela?

I'll begin this by saying that it's great to get opinions from others but as mothers we need to find things we're comfortable using and trust our won insticts more. So having said that, here's my...

Sunday 24 July 05:58am

Michelle_M replied to topic what time did you go home for the hospital

My DS was born at 12:13am and we were all at home by 3:30am. Was great, it was the best way to start the new day, in our own space! I hate hospitals and had DS and a birthing clinic, was amazing! T...

Sunday 24 July 05:48am

Michelle_M replied to topic Difficult issue to discuss with husband

We had a similar discussion. In the end we both came to the decission to not get DS (who is now 15 months) done. My DH is done but finding a doctor who will do it is rare and costly. There is no me...

Sunday 24 July 05:43am

Michelle_M replied to topic My stretchies are so so so itchy!!!

Sorry to hear about your stretch marks. But they are reminders of what an amazing body us women have, that we can carry a child and bring them into this world! Nothing a man can do!!! Over time t...

Monday 27 June 06:43pm
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