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missMello replied to topic Facebookers - add your page here (list)

Hi Everyone. I am a busy mum of two girls & I design & create felt finger puppets, felt stories, felt boards and bags for children. My products have been used in child care centres, within homes a...

Tuesday 08 November 08:34am

missMello replied to topic Party games for 3 year olds

what about pin the candle on the cake instead of pin the tail on the donkey??

Sunday 23 October 08:11am

missMello replied to topic Party games for 3 year olds

For my son's third birthday party I put some prizes in baloons and blew them up, plus some extra baloons and let the kids jump on or sit on the baloons to bust them to get the prizes out the kids ...

Sunday 23 October 08:10am

missMello replied to topic 2nd child, but having a c-sect

Hi there. I have two little girls-both were c-sections. The first was emergency my second was elective. They were both very different experiences entirely. But yours will be elective too so you do...

Sunday 23 October 03:19am

missMello started new topic steelcraft enigma attaching bumper

Hi. I recently bought a steelcraft enigma stroller off ebay. The bumper wasnt attached when i picked it up and the owner said she didnt know how it went on. Ive looked at it and cant figure out how...

Saturday 22 October 09:36pm
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