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saltnic replied to topic early pregnancy signs

Hi Everyone (including huggies moderator), thanks for your replys. Turns out I am pregnant (though at the time of writing the previous post im not sure the egg would have been implanted. therefore...

Thursday 04 March 02:12am

saltnic started new topic early pregnancy signs

Hi, My ds was an unplanned pregnancy but definately a wonderful surprise. We are now trying for number two. I was just wanting to ask those mum with more than one bubba. Did your pregnancys all hav...

Thursday 18 February 06:22pm

saltnic replied to topic no tummy time babies

my son couldnt do tummy time due to reflux but once his head control was ok I put him in a bumby seat and sometimes a playcentre thing that stood him up. that helped alot with his sitting. Have you...

Saturday 13 February 08:10am

saltnic replied to topic How can I get my motivation back?

getting motivation back is such a gradual process, I have good days and bad days. But i am getting better at not beating myself up about a bad day (as that made my motivation worse) If your in sydn...

Thursday 11 February 11:19am

saltnic replied to topic SAHM feeling judged!

I am just about to head back to work , and people keep saying 'how will you cope?' my work is quite busy and high stress. My reply to them is ' compaired to being a mum going to work is easy and no...

Tuesday 09 February 03:57pm

saltnic replied to topic nesting n labour

about two weeks but never cleaned. had this sudden urge to buy a different basinett as the one I had was just 'not right' lol. I spent sooo much money

Saturday 06 February 09:04pm

saltnic replied to topic Reflux

ps, my little guy did not get any ph testing done. I am not sure if they do it on very small bubs or not, I dont know that i would have wanted it done as is a little invasive and the medications wo...

Saturday 06 February 08:54pm

saltnic replied to topic Reflux

which antacid have they said to use? and also have you seen a few doctors or just the one. Reflux is a relatively new thing and there are some doctors that believe it does not really exsist so to s...

Saturday 06 February 08:48pm

saltnic replied to topic Why all the YELLING?

If its not crying out from pain then I would say the same as PP. My 10mth old discovered high pitched and practices when ever he gets the chance esp to get peoples attention. He has also discovered...

Saturday 06 February 08:16pm

saltnic replied to topic Why so nasty?

I completely understand where you are coming from. It is so hard sometimes to talk about my little man to certain other people. If I talk about what good things hes doing they treat me like i am br...

Friday 05 February 01:34pm

saltnic replied to topic Reflux

Hi, My little man was diagnosed with silent reflux at the age of six weeks. Silent reflux is not,as its sounds, painless but infact means that the stomach content comes up into the oesophagus and ...

Wednesday 03 February 07:28am

saltnic replied to topic Water for formula on flight from Australia to New

Hi, I took my then 3mth old to canada and america with air canada. The customs in every airport (9 flights to be exact) allowed me to take boiled water through as long as it was for the baby (eg co...

Tuesday 02 February 01:15pm

saltnic replied to topic Bad Nappy Rash and Wipes (Homemade)

when ever jude gets nappy rash I use the curerash powder. found that creams did not do much for him (?because they dont let the skin breath) The powder soaks it up and keeps him a bit drier. In say...

Tuesday 02 February 12:59pm

saltnic replied to topic BEEF ALLERGY

he is on goats milk. was only able to breast feed till 2 mths. then beacuse of an oversupply issue (he would choke on my breast milk and go blue) and his reflux we went to bottles of expressed milk...

Tuesday 02 February 12:54pm

saltnic replied to topic BEEF ALLERGY

Hi my little man is intolerant to cows milk and everytime i have tried him on beef he has vomitted and had really bad reflux. I am lucky that he is not full alergy as he can at least tolerate goats...

Saturday 23 January 08:15pm

saltnic replied to topic anyone heard of high needs baby, my little girl is draining

my little man (now 9 1/2 months) is a reflux bub, who is a seriously low sleep requirement baby (2 x 40 min sleeps a day then 10hrs o/n if im lucky) He is extremely active, gets board quickly and d...

Wednesday 20 January 07:10pm

saltnic replied to topic extension strap help

probably not much help as i dont personally know how to use it, however i get my carseat fitted by an RTA approved place at the kids hospital in sydney. Perhaps there is one near where you live. (y...

Wednesday 20 January 06:56pm

saltnic replied to topic baby formular

step 2 has extra iron in it which a new bub dose not need as they have a store of it from you. this lasts till about 6months. It is also harder to digest (something to do with makeup being higer in...

Sunday 13 December 06:55pm

saltnic replied to topic Belly button bleed

as long as there are no signs of infection (smelly discharge, redness swelling etc) is completely normal. my sons got nocked off by his nappy and bled a bit because of this. but was fine

Sunday 13 December 06:50pm

saltnic replied to topic DUE IN JUNE HOPE FOR A GIRL PLZ HELP

Good luck with the girl 50/50 chance. I have a little boy and he is absolutely adorable but would like a girl next. though if i got another little boy id be just as happy as my 1st is so sweet [E...

Sunday 13 December 06:43pm
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