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snow~white replied to topic My Little Man

Oh my goodness! HOw terrifying for you and sorry you had to go through that. I hope your DS recovered quickly and your doing ok. My DD had 2 lots of convulstions at the end of last year and it was ...

Tuesday 29 March 05:42am

snow~white replied to topic has anyone got a theromix?

I got mine last christmas and love it! i find i cook much healthier food and save so much money. I know i was worried about the costs but since i have gotten it i find its worth its weight in gold.

Tuesday 29 March 04:41am

snow~white replied to topic wedding question

Yes I totally understand not having them at reception as often it's catered for etc and it costs more to have children, and they start getting tired. This wedding is being held in a big park, hasn'...

Thursday 10 March 06:03am

snow~white replied to topic Please read!!!

I've had that one or one similar years ago. If you read on hoax-slayer it says it's just a hoax.

Thursday 10 March 03:49am

snow~white started new topic wedding question

we have a dilemma, we have a wedding in a few weeks time. My sibling is getting married it's not their 1st weddings and they each have their own young children. Anyways we are travelling for hours ...

Thursday 10 March 03:23am

snow~white replied to topic Your 10 Month old ???

My 10 months old DS Weight: about 10.5 Height: approx 80cm Development: crawling, pulling himself up and wanting to let go, loves clapping and waving, and kissing everyone. LOL. Teeth: 8 Foods: is...

Friday 05 November 10:47am

snow~white started new topic family photos

We are having family photos taken at the beach on Saturday. Just wondering what people have done in the past if they've had family photos done in regards to outfits. There's DH, me, 3 yr old DD twi...

Friday 05 November 10:38am

snow~white replied to topic ***DECEMBER 2009 BUBS***

Hi there, Tracey- all the best for Ash's operation. Hopefully this will help him be healthier. Tash- all the best for today. Kerri- what a dissapointment about your invites. about birthday party, ...

Tuesday 26 October 03:21am

snow~white replied to topic Car seat horror!!!

OMG.. i know exactly what thats like. My now 10 month old son was exactly like that, he would scream his little lungs out every time he went in the car, was terrible. I was to scared to leave the h...

Tuesday 26 October 01:11am

snow~white started new topic Christmas trees

Hi there.. My DS will be 1 on christmas eve and i'm just wondering if or how people put up christmas trees with young children in the house. My 3 yr old daughters would love a christmas tree but my...

Tuesday 26 October 01:03am

snow~white replied to topic ***DECEMBER 2009 BUBS***

Hi ladies, Well Jaxson is better I think lol. Well he had high temps for 6 days, fianlly dropped yesterday, but he felt pretty hot before I put him to sleep just before, so I will check when he w...

Saturday 16 October 04:55am

snow~white replied to topic C Sec with twins

Hi I had identical twin girls by elective c section 3 yrs ago. They were born at 37+1 weeks which is full term for twins apparently. I didn't get to hold them straight away, i saw 1st DD when her ...

Saturday 16 October 03:47am

snow~white replied to topic One side running out??

hi there.. i had a similar problem with my DS. I ended up by changing feeding positions and started tucking him under my arm (football hold??) and i think that started draining it more effectively ...

Thursday 14 October 11:02pm

snow~white replied to topic WASHING CLOTH NAPPIES!!!

Hi.. I used peapods for my twin 3 yrs ago. Remember with cloth nappies not to soak them or use much detergent as the detergent can build up on the nappies and make them leak. I usually just wash t...

Wednesday 13 October 11:58pm

snow~white replied to topic Breast pains!

OH that has brought back memories of when i started breastfeeding DS.. I had terrible cracks in my nipples and still have scars on them. I thought i was going to be in terrible pain for the whole t...

Wednesday 13 October 11:44pm

snow~white replied to topic Just in case???

I think that having the tin there just in case may make you more likely to use it IMO. I was determined to give BF DS a good shot as i had to formula feed my twin daughters 2 yrs before. So i didn...

Wednesday 13 October 11:40pm

snow~white replied to topic breastmilk going bad in the breast

Hi there.. I know it can be hard but try not to worry about it. My son was a slow one to gain weight until he went onto solids. If your bub looks alert and is happy and developing then i would say ...

Wednesday 13 October 11:31pm

snow~white replied to topic Supply and demand?????

Hi all With my first bub I tried BF. thought I was going great guns she was latching good etc but at my 2 week check my midwife noticed she was still quite jaundiced, her poo colour wasn't right...

Wednesday 13 October 11:25pm

snow~white replied to topic breast fed wont take bottle

Hi there.. We have had huge problems with my DS and the bottle. He wouldn't take a bottle from day one, we used to syringe feed him at night to top him up with EBM.. We have tried SO many times to ...

Wednesday 13 October 11:19pm

snow~white replied to topic Loss of interest in eating

hi there. when my daughters were your bubs age i would notice sometimes they would go off their bottles when they were teething. you could try giving her smaller amounts more often maybe?

Wednesday 13 October 11:13pm
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