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HillsBabies started new topic 34 weeks pregnant and weight loss

My doctor has told me to slow down as I have only gained 6 kilos so far and on last checkup has lost a kilo. I have now upped my carbs, natural fats and dairy but I feel like I have mucked up someh...

Thursday 16 December 12:23am

HillsBabies started new topic Strep B

I was diagnosed with Thrush and was also swabbed for Streb B which came back positive. I thought they only checked at the time of labour but I was wrong. I was precribed Cefalexin Sandoz 500mg whic...

Thursday 30 September 08:14pm

HillsBabies replied to topic Missed miscarriage

OMG my heart goes out to you. I also had a missed misscarriage and the hardest thing I found was when I became pregnant again. I was unable to truely relax and fall in love with my baby because of ...

Thursday 30 September 08:09pm

HillsBabies started new topic Harder to be healthy with #2

When I was carrying #1 I was so strick with my diet, exercise and chemicals I exposed myself to. I was using Neways and always ate the right things no matter how much I wanted a chocolte bar. Now w...

Tuesday 28 September 09:06pm

HillsBabies replied to topic Alcohol consumed in a week

Reading all your posts I am starting to think my hubby has an issue with alcohol. He does not drink to get drunk but he drinks every day (4 beers 2 rums on average). Maybe once every 2 months he wi...

Wednesday 22 September 10:38pm

HillsBabies replied to topic getting too big

Never compare yourself to another. I am 6 ft tall and did not show until I was 7 months and people would be shocked and assume something was wrong. I am showing now at 5 1/2 months with my second a...

Monday 20 September 03:02am
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