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smokey26 replied to topic mums from blenheim!

Hi Im also from blenheim, im due 15 feb 2010, what are the dates of u both?

Wednesday 02 September 12:46pm

smokey26 replied to topic are there any mums from nelson out there?

Hi ladies, i live in blenheim so not Nelson i noticed there not a forum for marlborough ladies and tried to start one to no avail. Im due 15 feb 2010 so so excited my partner and I Hope to hear f...

Wednesday 02 September 12:43pm

smokey26 started new topic Contains TMI

Hi there, im just wodnering if there are any ladies out there, that after finding out your pregnant, did any of you develope a nasty infection like - Vulva Ulcers, then after waiting on your resul...

Wednesday 02 September 12:40pm
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