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AB1977 replied to topic Coming to wa soon and have never been there

WA is lovely. I moved here in 99 and have settled nicely. I wouldnt recommend ellenbrook. I can recommend the northern suburbs of Butler/mindarie/quinns rocks. It has beaches parks shopping centres...

Wednesday 09 January 11:35pm

AB1977 replied to topic OMG! This child is doing my head in! *updated*

It seems common. My DD was similar. I eventually gave up and just let her cry it out. My hubby works away and I was exhausted from the endless nights of fighting her. I made sure she was comfortabl...

Wednesday 09 January 11:20pm

AB1977 replied to topic Party Idea - Would it work?

I do this but not in a studio. I do it at the party. It's not as popular as regular photography. But I do get the occasional job. I guess its a case of photographer or jumpy castle kind of thing.

Wednesday 09 January 11:14pm

AB1977 started new topic Grazing like a cow....

My DD 2 & 1/2 grazes almost all day. Daily breakfast is half eaten cereal, half eaten toast or some fruit. 10am she has yoghurt or fruit. Then lunch @ 12 half eaten sandwich water and fruit. Af...

Monday 10 December 12:04pm

AB1977 replied to topic 20 Month Old Constipated

My DD 23mths has been holding her poos in. She had a few days after Easter had a really bad sore pops for a couple of days. Her food and water intake is fine. Plenty of fibre and liquids. We resort...

Sunday 22 April 08:02am

AB1977 replied to topic 21 Month old still having to wean off

My DD 21months still has a bottle for her nap and a bed time bottle. We weaned her dummy off her about 4 weeks ago. It was a rough three days. I am thinking about weaning her off her day nap bottle...

Saturday 21 January 03:41am

AB1977 replied to topic Wasn't a fussy eater until recently

Well it's been a while since that post and not much has changed. She will favour the meat over the vegies and even then she doesnt eat much. She still refuses to even try them. If she doesnt eat mu...

Saturday 21 January 03:30am

AB1977 started new topic Wasn't a fussy eater until recently

My DD 18 months used to be trojan when it come to food. She ate every conceivable vegie under the sun until a couple of months ago. I now find I have to disguise her vegies in things just to get h...

Wednesday 21 December 09:39am

AB1977 started new topic Ears & Water

Just wondering if you have always let your baby from newborn to have their ears submerged in water. I tried not to. But now my DD 19 months hates water going in her ears. I was told to try and avoi...

Saturday 10 December 09:24am

AB1977 started new topic Big Girl Bed

Thinking about getting my DD 17 months into a big girl bed soon. And would like to get her a futon. Not the hard as concrete type. Something comfortable. Just wondering if anyone has opted for a fu...

Sunday 09 October 11:04pm

AB1977 started new topic Post Viral Rash

My DD 17 months has been ill with a cough/cold for sometime. Eventually needing antibiotics for fluid on her ear. Now my poor little munchkin has the mother of all post viral rashes. Head to toe ev...

Tuesday 04 October 03:38am

AB1977 started new topic Playschool Live

Taking my DD to see playschool tomorrow. Was wondering if anyone has been and was it fun?

Saturday 03 September 04:41am

AB1977 replied to topic 13 month old with sleep/settling issues

Clingy at 13months sounds normal. It took me 6 nights to get my DD to start sleeping through as she was still waking at 3am for a bottle/comfort feed. With DH working away I don't have a luxury of ...

Thursday 01 September 09:53am

AB1977 replied to topic Baby not self settling

We all want that quick fix especially when your exhausted. I agree with 3 girls. My DD was unsettled during the day from about 4- 12 weeks. 40min day naps requiring rocking cuddling or carrying. 4-...

Thursday 01 September 09:38am

AB1977 replied to topic To know or not to know

We didn't find out for our DD. It was the best feeling...the anticipation the surprise. You bond regardless if you find out or not. And I loved telling everyone what we had. I am a highly organiz...

Thursday 01 September 09:21am

AB1977 replied to topic Allergy Tests

Peanuts is fine. She's had peanut butter @ 12 months. Just over doctors telling me its viral viral viral. I need some answers coz I hate seeing her itch poor little munchkin.

Friday 05 August 02:20am

AB1977 started new topic Allergy Tests

Hi all, So my DD 15months has been getting hives recently. Only on her limbs and sometimes on her cheeks. She has been sick recently with the dreaded winter lurgy 5 weeks worth. Finished antibiotic...

Friday 05 August 12:57am

AB1977 replied to topic why must people always be on the defensive..?

Without body language or facial expression its easy to take things the wrong way. However I have had people respond to threads who have no idea how to come across without sounding like an absolute ...

Friday 15 July 10:56pm

AB1977 replied to topic What advice to give my BFF!

I agree my little dazzler. He does need to step up. He keeps saying what do I have to do to make it better etc etc. I guess time will heal. I'm just scared for her. That he will do it again. Things...

Saturday 09 July 02:17am

AB1977 started new topic What advice to give my BFF!

I'll keep this brief as possible... My bff and her fiance (3years getting married in november) have a daughter 12 months. She found out he was having an internet fling with a friend of his. That s...

Friday 08 July 08:45pm
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