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sara24589 replied to topic Mums Being Pushed into c-sections?

I and my baby would be probably dead without my c section so best to look at each c secton individually. they are done for a reason, not as simple as asking for one and people counting stats. on th...

Friday 17 June 07:46am

sara24589 replied to topic New Phil & Teds Explorer Pram

Hi, I have the phil and teds sport model (approx 10 months old) it has now been discontinued and replaced with the explorer. we went into the baby shop on the weekend and marvelled at the new mo...

Friday 21 January 11:25pm

sara24589 replied to topic I find it rude when.....

MIL said to me a few months after baby was born "oh you never actually looked pregnant you just looked fat" she also has another classic when she walked into my house one day and shrieked "OMG wh...

Friday 21 January 03:39am

sara24589 replied to topic How long do baby's stay in infant/newborn nappies?

my bub was small - 2.7kgs when we took him home. We went through about 6-7 boxes of newborn and then approx 200 infant. The newborns don't usually last until 5kgs though - once they start leaking...

Friday 21 January 03:26am

sara24589 replied to topic Headbutting?!

Hi, Yes! my almost 5 month old has done this since early on. Same as you it's mostly when he's tired or frustrated. We just usually remember to take extra care and hold him a little lower down so...

Wednesday 29 September 07:11pm

sara24589 replied to topic Placenta, low and front questions

hi, I had the placenta completely covering the cervix right to the end of my pregnancy. (placenta preavia) I was scared as anything (read all these horror stories of bleeding thruout preg and peo...

Tuesday 03 August 09:32pm

sara24589 replied to topic Modesty During and After giving Birth - May Contain Adult Themes!

OMG I am crying with laughter here ! these stories bring the embarrassment of it all back.. I am considered to be a massive prude by my friends, so my hubby was always joking about how I was going...

Tuesday 03 August 09:01pm

sara24589 started new topic Placenta Praevia

Hello, I have just been told I have Placenta Praevia for a scan at 30 weeks. (scan was scheduled as baby is very small and dr wanted to check the growth and this was picked up for the first time)...

Thursday 18 March 03:18am

sara24589 replied to topic C-section due to Placenta Previa

Hello, I have the same thing (complete) and I'm now 31 weeks - I've found it a bit hard to find anyone who has this at the end of the pregnancy as it seems to have moved for most people. So its h...

Tuesday 16 March 12:12am

sara24589 started new topic Placenta Praevia grade 4

Hi, I've just found out I have this complication at 31 weeks. It wasn't picked up earlier scans. Am told it's a c section at 38 weeks, (no time for placenta to move out the way now) but I am extr...

Friday 12 March 06:18pm

sara24589 replied to topic weight gain at 28weeks?

Im 27 weeks and have put on about 11-12 kgs so far. It;s my first pregnancy and I wasnt really sure how much I shoudl be eating and just seemed to pile the weight on at the start and now its really...

Saturday 13 February 01:55pm
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