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emaria started new topic Not taking himself to toilet/potty

Hi all, My son is 2 and a half and has shown some progress with TT. He can hold on for 1hr+ and will wee/poo when I guess that he needs to go and I put him on the potty. But unless I put him on th...

Friday 20 January 09:32pm

emaria replied to topic Flat stomach tips after caesar

I'm 2 weeks post caeser following a twin pregnancy. My twins were approx 3.2kg each when born, so i was huge by the end! I absolutely swear by tummy wraps. I bought one on Ebay for around $30. Ver...

Sunday 08 January 05:48am

emaria replied to topic Flat stomach tips after caesar

Hi Kristen thanks for the tip! Unfortunately I am not on facebook, but I am keen to check out the 'tummy wrap'. Can you suggest any other ways I can find out more about the company/product? Many th...

Tuesday 11 October 11:41pm

emaria started new topic Flat stomach tips after caesar

Hi all. Any tips for helping to regain a flat stomach after a caesarian? Do those stomach wrap things work or any simple exercises? I have noticed that it seems easier for ones stomach to return to...

Tuesday 11 October 08:54am

emaria started new topic vitamin A cream in pregnancy

HI all, I was reading a pregnancy magazine which outlined harmful beauty product ingredients in pregnancy. I checked my moisturiser and was horrifed to find that retinyl palmitate (a type of Vit A...

Tuesday 30 August 09:21pm

emaria replied to topic 2nd caesarian?

Cheers for your response. The age gap will be right on 2 years. Hmmm, didn't know about the whole 'splitting scar' thing. Sounds fab? I was in a lot of pain after the emerg c. I have heard that re...

Thursday 27 January 11:57pm

emaria started new topic 2nd caesarian?

Hi everyone. I had an emergency caesarian for my first bub. I laboured, pushed forever, the OB tried the vacuum and my baby didn't seem to fit. So hence the caesar. I found the whole experience qui...

Thursday 27 January 11:38pm

emaria started new topic 8 months waking at night screaming

Hi there, my son is 8 and a half months old and for the past two weeks has woken about midnight to 2 am screaming- sort of half awake. He is usually quite good with sleeping through the night. The ...

Saturday 08 May 08:30am

emaria replied to topic For those that had an Emergency C/S

I had an Epi, labour went fine... dialated properly/completely, pushed for 2hours or so.... obstetrician said I was pushing well etc. In the end I had a 10 pound baby that physically could not fit ...

Friday 30 April 07:43am

emaria replied to topic Breastfeeding ater c-section

I had an emergency c-section and had no problem establishing breastfeeding. Sure you need help with being handed the baby and you need to use the 'football hold' feeding position initially, but it'...

Friday 30 April 07:38am

emaria started new topic Post OP stress?

Hi there. I had an emergency caesar. Labour progressed normally, got to the pushing stage, pushed well, my ob used a vacuum to no avail and said I needed an emergency caesar. As soon as he said thi...

Sunday 04 April 08:46am

emaria started new topic Itchy rash on breasts after feeding

Hi everyone. For some reason around 6 weeks after my baby's birth I started getting an itchy rash on my breasts (not on nipple) during or after feeding. It ends up becoming welts. I don't get eczem...

Saturday 31 October 10:19am
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