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j9m replied to topic Excess drool causing rash on face - need ideas

I had the same problem with my daughter untill i got her a set of amber teething beads they cut the drool right down & took the angry redness straight out of her rash...i can't rate them highly eno...

Friday 20 May 12:38am

j9m replied to topic amber teething beads

hey there,my daughter has been wearing hers for about 6 months,she is currently almost 10 months old & cutting her bottom 2 teeth,in my experience i have 4 older kids,i think they are helping espec...

Thursday 24 March 04:50am

j9m replied to topic Who did you want to be

i so wanted to be jennifer beales in flashdance or baby out of dirty dancing...needless too say i have no dance talent at all!

Sunday 27 February 07:04am

j9m replied to topic withdrawal method

NO! my 8month old dd is proof! lol

Thursday 10 February 06:29pm

j9m replied to topic fussing bf only at night

I know heaps on Breast feeding but does anyone have any ideas why my baby last feed at night he gets himself all into a tanty... has a few sucks and starts crying then sucks and starts screaming.....

Tuesday 08 February 07:37am

j9m replied to topic What sneaky shortcuts do you take...

I have detol in a spray bottle(with some water) if i see someone pulling up outside i give it a quick spray and say oh i was just in the middle of cleaning lol.... I hardley ever mop the kitchen ...

Tuesday 08 February 07:02am

j9m replied to topic Miniscule Animation Series

We borrowed the first series of this animated show from our local library the other week! ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! The kids were glued to the TV while it was on.... which is very rare for my two who ...

Thursday 27 January 05:29am

j9m replied to topic does anyone have

our stroller only does from 6mths plus... this one is on sale at kmart for $99 ... are they any good? its mostly for when bub is small ... or we go away for a day though the stroller lays back... ...

Wednesday 03 November 05:09am

j9m replied to topic Kindle

I'm thinking of getting a Kindle DX and would love to hear from others who have one or know a bit about them beforehand. They're not cheap so don't want to get one and then realise it's not real...

Sunday 31 October 07:59pm

j9m replied to topic baby in a hip brace

hi my little man is in a hip brace for one of his hips. he has to wear it 24/7 and we cannot even give him a bath. he has had it on for over a month now. not happy. hopefully we cn tyake it of soo...

Wednesday 21 July 10:22pm

j9m replied to topic New 'it' names??

For awhile I kept hearing girls being named 'isabella' . It went from being a not so common name to being everywhere in a couple of years! Same goes for 'jack' for a boy! I was hearing it all the...

Saturday 05 June 05:03am

j9m replied to topic You will probably

i can't believe ladies just confirmed everything i said earlier! some of you people are just plain nasty...i think the old saying of "walk a mile in my shoes before you pass judgement" co...

Monday 24 May 08:08pm

j9m replied to topic You will probably

has sunk to an all time low! I have been a member here for about 4-5 years, obviously, my account doesnt show that as I have recently opened a new account... Ive seen alot in my time here, I myse...

Monday 24 May 05:35pm

j9m replied to topic If you had to...

scout for a girl and lucky for a boy! no way my husband would agree though! lol hey there,im due in about a week or so & i love the name scout for a girl but my dp wont have a bar of it! he think...

Sunday 23 May 05:35pm

j9m replied to topic ive tried enough nappies now...

hey there,i have 4 children & another on the way & i swear by aldi diposable nappies,they are fantastic & great value! i love huggies too but find the price prohibitive. aldi training pants are als...

Tuesday 30 March 12:11am
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