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LauraM81 replied to topic Recommend me a good pram for newborn & toddler (20month)

I didn't like the idea of the baby being underneath either, so I got a Steelcraft Take 2 Strider. I did get mine close to 4 years ago now and I think they may have changed the design since then, b...

Tuesday 20 November 11:02am

LauraM81 replied to topic HELP 3yr DS won't poo on toilet

Have you tried encouraging him to stay on the toilet after a wee by singing songs, reading a book to him etc? We found DS was just jumping off the toilet too quickly and not having time to do a poo...

Monday 24 September 05:48pm

LauraM81 replied to topic I can see a fight with DH coming...

I feel for you. It sounds like you need to sit down together and look at the household finances. The way we do it (and I'm not saying it is for everyone, but it works for us) is we have multiple ...

Monday 24 September 05:38pm

LauraM81 replied to topic horse riding in pregnancy?

I was booked to go riding when I found out that I was pregnant with DS and cancelled the ride. I knew a lady though who rode every day throughout her pregnancy and had no problems but I hadn't bee...

Monday 24 September 05:08pm

LauraM81 replied to topic Puff pastry - What can I make???

we make savoury triangles on a fairly regular basis and vary the fillings with whatever we have already. We usually have spinach and fetta (with chicken if we have it) or if we have left over cass...

Monday 24 September 05:00pm

LauraM81 replied to topic How big should my baby/nappy bag be?

I bought a 'red castle' nappy bag from Babies R Us when I was preggers with DS and it is still going strong 3 1/2yrs and a 2nd baby later. It has a change mat that is attached with velcro to an ou...

Monday 24 September 04:56pm

LauraM81 replied to topic What's your hobby?

I have tried many hobbies over the years including Scrapbooking, cross stich, long stich, paper toll (sp?), knitting, yoga, sewing and jewellery making/beading. The only ones that I have ever seem...

Monday 24 September 09:53am

LauraM81 replied to topic Is the song connection too close??

Dani + 1 wrote: If you don't mind people making the connection and mentioning it to you then go for it. I personally wouldn't use the name because of the song. total coincidence that my fav boys na...

Monday 24 September 09:47am

LauraM81 replied to topic When did your toddler stop wearing a bib?

Both mine started pulling the bibs off pretty early on and I gave up on them (we made more mess fighting over the bib than if we just took it off) but if he is happy to wear it then keep on going!!

Monday 24 September 09:42am

LauraM81 replied to topic Money saving tips please ....

check out the stay at home mum website ( it has heaps of great money saving ideas and tips. Maybe rather than cutting out the payments into your kids accounts and ...

Tuesday 28 August 01:54pm

LauraM81 replied to topic 28 month boy ready?

No worries at all. I was feeling so much pressure to get him toilet trained, but in the end they will do it when they are good and ready and not a moment before! Good luck with it

Tuesday 28 August 01:48pm

LauraM81 started new topic Quick Cooking Question!

Depends on what you are baking. Pastry I always use egg and milk, but biscuits or scones I just brush a bit of milk on top

Tuesday 28 August 01:47pm

LauraM81 replied to topic when do you get booked in for elective c -sect?

It really depends on your hospital I think. I had an emergency c-section with DS and as soon as I saw my OB for number 2 he told me I would need a c-section again. As I live in a country town whe...

Tuesday 28 August 01:45pm

LauraM81 replied to topic 28 month boy ready?

My advice is not to stress about it. When he is ready he will go the whole hog. I was agonising for so long about my DS's toilet training and it seemed to be dragging on and on and on, but then j...

Tuesday 28 August 01:26pm

LauraM81 replied to topic Traditional (but not boring) Boys Names


Thursday 23 August 06:02pm

LauraM81 started new topic me again

I ate it while pregnant both times and didn't have any problems. But they do say to stear clear of pre prepared salad and reheated meat (or just regular sandwich meats for that matter)... so proba...

Tuesday 14 August 05:43pm

LauraM81 started new topic Headbands

Just want an outsiders opinion... Is 31 to old to pull of a headband? Going to a wedding soon as was considering getting one of those diamonte embellished headbands to glam up my outfit a bit, but...

Tuesday 14 August 05:33pm

LauraM81 started new topic going off the other thread

I was 16 and one of the last of my friends to lose it. I thought I was ready and thought I was 'in-love'. So wasn't on either count... He didn't pressure me, but it was far from pleasurable. Re...

Tuesday 14 August 05:31pm

LauraM81 replied to topic Would cheating be the deal breaker for you?

DH and I have said from the beginning that cheating on either side would be the end for us. I have been cheated on in the past by ex's and it is horrible. I just don't think there is any reasonin...

Monday 30 July 11:20am

LauraM81 replied to topic Swimming Lessons for my 3yo.............Is there any point??

My 2 (3 and 1yrs) just started swiming lessons a couple of months ago and they both love it. We decided to get them into it after we went on a family holiday and DS was scared of the pool and didn...

Tuesday 24 July 04:31pm
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