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Hobgoblin started new topic Desparate...

Does anyone know where I can find the metal fittings for a traditional wooden cradle? As in the hooks and the loop things that the cradle hangs on? The cradle we used is a bit of a tradition in my...

Tuesday 27 April 02:35am

Hobgoblin replied to topic Fancy dress

I asked Jack again tonight, and he chose woody, so I guess thats that. He could have told me this last week lol! I've seen those jumpers and they're cute as, and will make it so easy. I can't wait ...

Monday 08 March 06:51am

Hobgoblin started new topic Fancy dress

It's my partners 30th in two weeks and the theme is tv/film characters. I've got mine and my daughter's, but have absolutely no idea what to dress my 4yo son as (and he's no help as he keeps pickin...

Monday 08 March 12:27am

Hobgoblin replied to topic No Homework Policy

Me too. I think some schools are pushing kids too hard and too early these days. My kids aren't in school yet, but I know kids that are coming home with pages and pages of homework for the week, an...

Thursday 18 February 07:57am

Hobgoblin replied to topic anyone been told the sex of there baby

Yep, I went for a scan at 13 weeks 6 days and was told it was a boy, which was correct. The tech was really confident about it - actually told me that if he wasn't a boy then there was something ve...

Thursday 18 February 07:52am

Hobgoblin replied to topic plastic surgery

I want a tummy tuck desparately! I'm only 24 and a size 10 but I still can't wear a bikini. I got the worst stretch marks during pregnancy, and even though I don't have much fat on my stomach, if ...

Sunday 24 January 06:38pm

Hobgoblin replied to topic Archibald

Hate hate HATE! It's top on my list of awful names lol! But like everyone else, I LOVE Archie and Archer. Archer would be on my list if I was to have another boy

Thursday 17 December 05:05am

Hobgoblin replied to topic I have had people make comments

Yep, I got it HEAPS with DS. Even from the midwife when he was born! Seems to be a thing with a lot of boys, doesn't it?

Thursday 17 December 05:00am

Hobgoblin replied to topic How much...

I think I've spent somewhere between $200-$250 each. They have a few presents each, but I reckon most of it's gone on their santa sacks,as I pick up bits and pieces for that through the year. They ...

Thursday 17 December 04:50am

Hobgoblin replied to topic Mackenzie- Boy or Girls Name??

My daughter is McKenzi. When we picked it I had only ever heard of one McKenzie - the curly haired little girl off seventh heaven (the horrible tv show). But we had a few people in hospital assume ...

Sunday 06 December 04:59am

Hobgoblin replied to topic Removing viruses

We have AVG Free and it's fantastic. I've even had several computer techs recommend it as being way better than any of the paid ones. Have never had virus problems while using it, and it's very qui...

Saturday 05 December 05:29pm

Hobgoblin replied to topic The Great Tree Decorating Debate!

Green tree with pink, purple, blue and silver. White and pink lights. Looks very pretty. I don't like tinsel either, but I need more decorations - I still have a box full of stunning glass ones tha...

Friday 04 December 10:16am

Hobgoblin replied to topic yet another post about christmas presents

Technically not a chrissy present, but Jack got an imaginext (fisher price) boat for his birthday last december, and he still plays with it all the time. Woody comes out everytime he wathces Toy St...

Friday 04 December 10:04am

Hobgoblin replied to topic why did you name your children what you did

Jack Dewhurst - Jack I just loved and is also what my Grandad is known as (his real name is John). Dewhurst is a bit traditional on dad's side of the family. I had a great great grandfather called ...

Friday 04 December 07:03am

Hobgoblin replied to topic weird or what

My 2 year old DD does this too! She thinks it's cheese lol. She also likes sour cream, but that at least I can understand

Thursday 03 December 07:02am

Hobgoblin replied to topic Sick kids and daycare

If it was just a runny nose, then my 2 would have missed the last 6 months lol. They've had never-ending colds this winter and most of spring!

Wednesday 02 December 03:56pm

Hobgoblin replied to topic very scary info

Yep, I reckon it's fake. It'd never happen. The uprising would be huge - not many people would agree to forcing people to be vaccinated etc. besides, everyone would just emigrate to other states lol!

Wednesday 02 December 03:49pm

Hobgoblin replied to topic Corn Fritters

Are they any good cold? I'm thinking they might be a tasty lunchbox alternative..?

Wednesday 02 December 10:41am

Hobgoblin replied to topic Just an idea..

Thanks. Thought it might help. Seems a lot of Chrissy trees are being trashed by terror toddlers lol!

Wednesday 02 December 08:48am

Hobgoblin started new topic Just an idea..

I've discovered a simple way to stop my kids pulling all the decos off the Xmas tree! I just bent the tip (about 1cm) back over the string of the each decoration, and flatten so that you can't see ...

Wednesday 02 December 05:53am
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