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Sassy09 replied to topic when did you start?

I remember my Nan putting lipstick on me when I was about 5-6! I started putting it on about 13 but only sometimes, now I hardley wear it only when I am going somewhere special!

Saturday 28 January 02:26am

Sassy09 replied to topic tt fail

With my DS (2.5) we started with undies and puttin him on the toilet put he keep weeing after he got off the toilet so I did what a friend said and was put nothing on him it took acouple of weeks ...

Tuesday 24 January 01:07am

Sassy09 replied to topic Ahh gotta love no dramas

The best kind of MIL is the one who lives overseas! [/quote] I agree I think Mil overseas is good will see how xmas with her this yr goes and as my DH sister is about the only family he has here e...

Friday 23 December 02:16am

Sassy09 replied to topic trying to make everyone happy (xmas)

Wow after reading this I think I must have it easy! This is the first year my Mil will be in Aus for xmas so Mil Sil and nephew will spend xmas with us at my parents than my 4 brothers will be ther...

Friday 23 December 01:57am

Sassy09 replied to topic Secret Santa ideas for 10 year old boy

If he is the kind of kid that would sit and do it what about a puzzle my nephew (11) will be getting one from us I think he loves sitting down doing puzzles some one started him on mighty beans a ...

Wednesday 14 December 04:13pm

Sassy09 started new topic Meeting MIL

So me and DH have been married for close to 5 years have a 2 yr old DS and 8 month old DD. Today I meet his Mum she has lived in England for as long as I have known him and we in Aus little bit ner...

Monday 12 December 04:41am

Sassy09 replied to topic worried DD2 is becoming a biter....

Might sound like bad parenting but bite her back so she know it hurts that's how my mum stopped us. She use to bite us on the finger near the bottom of our finger nail u don't have to bite hard as ...

Saturday 10 December 03:00am

Sassy09 replied to topic Drinks for older kids at Christmas.

You could do punch with fruit in it use diet softdrink and jucie with no added sugar!

Monday 05 December 10:41pm

Sassy09 replied to topic How to keep baby cool in the car

You could try a Ice pack wrapped up and put under the feet! if you can cool his ankles or wrist it should keep him cool. Sun shades in the back we got some from BigW cost 40$ for 1 but they are the...

Monday 05 December 12:49am

Sassy09 replied to topic do you like..

DH loves them. I hate them will eat them on pizza but not very often!

Sunday 04 December 12:27am

Sassy09 replied to topic Christmas and all that comes with it!

I have lots of shopping to do tree is not up waiting for MIL to get here from england to put it up thought she was going to be here Monday but is staying in Brisbane with SIL for a while now so may...

Sunday 04 December 12:20am

Sassy09 replied to topic Going off the puppy for Christmas thread

Beagles are great had Beagles growing up need good yard and don't over feed very easy to over feed just exercise like a JR. Love having Beagles growing up! Have Border Collies now very protective ...

Sunday 04 December 12:04am

Sassy09 replied to topic Double prams......

I have the LUMA twin side by side don't buy it!! It weights a ton and is very wide but not very roomy for the kids has a large basket at the bottom but it's hard to acess. It seems hard to push on ...

Wednesday 15 June 12:53am

Sassy09 replied to topic Convertible Carseat

I have a safe and sound it is fairly big not sure if it will go all the till 4 but my DS is 20 months and he is only like 80cms shorty but I want to get him one he can stay in till 7 by christmas f...

Tuesday 14 June 09:59pm

Sassy09 replied to topic Piercing ears

I'm not cranky with my mum for doing mine at 6 months I have always loved havin my ears pierced I' don't really see the point in waiting till they ask if they don't want them done when they get old...

Tuesday 14 June 09:39pm

Sassy09 replied to topic Tummy Sleeping...

Both my Babies slept on there tummies! My Ds used to choke on his vomit had reflux or scare himself awake on his back we never used to get sleep but he would sleep on our chest so we just starting ...

Thursday 09 June 09:20pm

Sassy09 replied to topic HELP! Front pack for the bigger girls

I have a Tomy freestyle (click n go) it fits around my Mum who is about a size 22-24. Hope this helps!!

Thursday 09 June 08:35pm

Sassy09 replied to topic A Little Sister

how do I post a pic for you all??

Wednesday 20 April 09:20am

Sassy09 started new topic A Little Sister

My beautiful little baby girl was born on 16/04/2011 at 9:34pm weighing 6lb9oz 49cm long 34.5cm head circ. We have called her Gabriella Chenai she is just the most perfect think ever. Her big broth...

Wednesday 20 April 08:03am

Sassy09 replied to topic Pregnant with 2nd child and a little sad :(

I get what your saying I'm due in about 2 days and I often think it won't be just me and DS soon or me DS and DH but than I think things only have to be better by having another little ray of sunsh...

Friday 15 April 08:33am
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