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twintots replied to topic 2 year old not talking

= My two have only just turned 2 years old. DD talks up a storm with new words every other minute. DS however barely talks, he CAN he simply chooses not too. Try not to stress but if you are wor...

Wednesday 08 September 03:12am

twintots replied to topic What time......

my two go down for the night between 6-6.30pm (most days are 6pm)and are up for the morning around 7am. We used to have a 7pm bedtime but found the babies wanting to go to bed earlier and earlier u...

Tuesday 27 October 09:05pm

twintots replied to topic Lilypie ticker instructions

just testing to see if i got this right [Edited on 26/10/2009] and again [Edited on 26/10/2009] must learn to read the instructions PROPERLY before going off half cocked. [Edited on 26/10/2009]

Tuesday 27 October 12:09pm

twintots replied to topic Formula...what's good and what's not.

we started out on Nan Gold then when they could tolerate their milk feeds better (reflux babies) i moved them onto Heinz Nurture. We stopped using the gold of any kind as it made our boy so constip...

Tuesday 27 October 08:30am

twintots replied to topic Yoghurt

sorry should have said my two have just turned 12months adjusted. been eating the same amount since they were about 10months (adjusted)

Tuesday 27 October 08:26am

twintots replied to topic Yoghurt

I give my twins, Adult full fat yoghurt currently using coles brand in the large squarish tubs, fav flavours seem to be the berries and the tropical vanilla they like too but don't hoe into it as m...

Tuesday 27 October 08:25am

twintots replied to topic Drinking from a straw???

I wish I knew the answer to that, I'm trying to get my two to drink from a straw too. I have found tho that the Nuby sippy cups with the clip on plastic lid don't leak in my bag (is this just good ...

Tuesday 27 October 08:20am
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