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Gnome7 started new topic Baby Sales - Adelaide

Does anyone know when Target, Big W, etc normally have their big baby sales? (I'm in Adelaide)

Monday 10 January 07:19am

Gnome7 started new topic Havana/Havanna

Hi, I saw this name in another topic on huggies and loved it but just want to know... If i want it pronounced like Savannah how would you spell it - Havana or Havanna? And what nicknames - good or ...

Wednesday 01 December 08:16am

Gnome7 started new topic Baby Name Ideas

Can you please suggest other boy and girl names that you think we may like? These are some we (mostly me) like at the moment. Boys Cooper Riley Flynn Kade Girls Esther Cleo Summer Blair Thanks

Tuesday 26 October 02:55am

Gnome7 replied to topic Bleeding is all over the shop since stopping the pill......

I take levlen too and fell pregnant first month with my first. I've just gone off the pill again in mid August and have been having regular (pretty much non stop) spotting and bleeding so thought I...

Monday 25 October 08:35am

Gnome7 started new topic Harper

What do people shorten the name Harper to?

Friday 17 September 10:45pm

Gnome7 started new topic Guilty Pleasure or Usable

I love the name Phoenix and want to know what people think? Is it just a guilty pleasure or is it usable?

Tuesday 17 August 02:12am

Gnome7 started new topic 18 month old showing interest in potty... what to do?

My little girl (18 months) has started letting us know (if we are home and close by) that she is doing poos and then points to the potty. We've been praising her and telling her that yes if you are...

Sunday 27 June 12:56am

Gnome7 replied to topic mums without mums

I've only just seen this post but I too lost my mum when I was 3 months old. I've been so lucky to have an amazing relationship with my dad and his parents (who we lived with after mum died). I had...

Tuesday 01 June 07:37am

Gnome7 replied to topic Dummies

I use Tommee Tippee ones. I'll have to look and see if they come apart

Thursday 27 May 12:10am

Gnome7 started new topic Dummies

My 16 month old is somehow flattening the dummy teat and I was wondering will it pop back or should I prick it to let air in? Or do I just have to bin them? She's done it to three in a week.

Wednesday 26 May 11:41pm

Gnome7 started new topic Just wants Mum

My daughter (16 months) will only go to me when she is really tired, upset and/or hurt. Do all kids do this or have I made her like this? I have been at home with her since she was born while my hu...

Friday 07 May 05:52am

Gnome7 started new topic Is 15 months too young for a big bed?

I'm contemplating trying my 15 month old in a bed to see if she sleeps better during the night. Recently she was looked after by various family members for three weeks sleeping in a portacot and on...

Thursday 08 April 08:42am

Gnome7 started new topic Blair for a girl?

What does everyone think of the name Blair for a girl? And how would you spell it?

Tuesday 23 February 08:17pm

Gnome7 started new topic Need Advice - Nine month old clinging to mum and dad

My nine month old has in the last month become really clingy and will cry and grizzle when other people hold her (even when we are still there). Understandable with strangers or people she doesn't ...

Wednesday 28 October 09:20am
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