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chikadily started new topic Invercargill Play Dates

Hey everyone!! I am 26, stay at home mum with an older daughter an a 10 month old son. Daddy works so mummy looks after the house and also studying. Bubs and I go to a couple of wee groups and also...

Tuesday 01 March 06:34pm

chikadily replied to topic Coffee groups Invercargill?

Hi there, I have recently moved to southland and am living in Invercargill. Just wondering if there are any coffee groups going in my area, or if anyone would be interested in just a general get t...

Tuesday 01 March 06:22pm

chikadily replied to topic teething - eczema flare up

Hey there My son starting getting the teething pains and dribbling at aprox 3 weeks old and during this time eczema became a problem too. He is now 5months old and still has no teeth through they...

Monday 18 October 10:44pm

chikadily replied to topic May babies!

Austin was born via natural birth on the 15th May happy and healthy little Taurus baby, labour was aprox 2hours. He is my 2nd bub

Thursday 16 September 05:44am

chikadily replied to topic did the 'old wives tales'

I craved sweets always - girl I carried low and not much showing at all - girl I wanted a girl and I had one This time: I did the ring test - boy I was all out at the back and not the front - boy ...

Thursday 16 September 05:33am

chikadily replied to topic Amount of milk a 6wk should be having in a bottle

I was expressing aprox 120ml at that age. My son is now 4months and I express aprox 200ml and he generally drinks about 150-180ml at a time and he is aprox 5.5 to 6kgs

Tuesday 07 September 06:04pm

chikadily replied to topic breast feeding

La leche have breast feeding consultants you can talk to, you may have a blocked duct? Definitely express it worked for me to even them out a bit more and have the same supply on each side. One is ...

Tuesday 31 August 04:53pm

chikadily replied to topic What to do?

Hey darling!! This must be really hard for you. Do visit your GP (or if that is too hard atm talk to your plunkett nurse) and if possible take your husband. It is hard for anybody to understand ...

Saturday 28 August 05:31pm

chikadily replied to topic DUE MAY 2010..........

Hey Im 25 I have a nearly 10 year old and am due on May 14th with my 2nd child

Monday 09 November 08:30am
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