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~**Kat**~ replied to topic Does your DH....

He wears it every day and doesn't even take it off to sleep! It would bother me if he didn't wear it but in saying that, it is nice to see it on his finger

Friday 05 March 06:59pm

~**Kat**~ replied to topic how would u feel

I'm glad they were happy in the end, but goodness I can understand how you would feel!

Friday 05 March 06:56pm

~**Kat**~ replied to topic Who wants to see a pic?

Your children are gorgeous, you can see how in awe the kids are of their new little sister

Friday 05 March 06:53pm

~**Kat**~ replied to topic Missing boy in Melbourne

It's such a terrible thing to happen, I really feel for the family

Friday 05 March 06:52pm

~**Kat**~ replied to topic Cracked heels

I love the paw paw ointment as well, that stuff is used for heaps of things here!

Friday 05 March 06:49pm

~**Kat**~ replied to topic SLEEP???How many hours do you get?

It's been about 7.5years since I had a decent sleep! As far as I'm concerned sleep is over-rated Seriously though, with 4 kids there is always someone up and about and I am a light...

Sunday 14 February 10:23am

~**Kat**~ replied to topic Sleepovers

We haven't made it to the sleeping at friends places as yet as my eldest is 7, however, I'm sure it won't be far away. All 4 sleep at family's houses on the odd occassion, we've never had a drama...

Sunday 14 February 10:20am

~**Kat**~ replied to topic HAppy birthday to you happy birthday to you.....

Happy Birthday to both Brody and Sam! Hope your day is wonderful

Saturday 06 February 06:13am

~**Kat**~ replied to topic it's starting to upset me

I've been struggling with this also, it's been since before my last one was born and she's 16mths now. I do believe mine is due to stress and some marital problems, so for me I think that by fixin...

Thursday 04 February 03:02pm

~**Kat**~ replied to topic Donating Milk - I am - would you?

I would donate for sure, if I could of course. Just a question if anyone could answer that would be great, I didn't breastfeed for long so please excuse me if this is a silly question! Breastmi...

Thursday 04 February 01:27pm

~**Kat**~ replied to topic Grrr...

Each of these posts I could write myself! Seriously, I thought it was just my DH but I'm so glad I'm not on my own here. The lack of compassion has caused many of blow ups here lately... ho hum, ...

Thursday 04 February 09:49am

~**Kat**~ replied to topic Wish us luck please!!!

Good Luck! It's sound like your well prepared Let us know how she goes, you can only try hey?!

Saturday 30 January 05:30pm

~**Kat**~ replied to topic My baby girl is very sick. New update.

I really hope everything turns out ok and your daughter gets well soon. I'm thinking of you.

Saturday 30 January 05:27pm

~**Kat**~ replied to topic YAY YAY YAY

Congratulations, I hope you have a smooth pregnancy and wish you all the best x

Thursday 28 January 12:05pm

~**Kat**~ replied to topic I am sitting here in tears....

I agree, just let your mum take her and then organise everything so you can just sit and have a breather. We all need time out, and I can totally relate. My partner works away all week and my s...

Wednesday 27 January 05:24pm

~**Kat**~ replied to topic workout music

Posted by: Baylia eye of the tiger lol Haha!!

Wednesday 27 January 01:44pm

~**Kat**~ replied to topic Taking A Chance...

Well I will PM you! LOL, I never had facebook until the other day when there was a thread about who Doesn't have it. I thought then, bah, why not!

Wednesday 27 January 01:42pm

~**Kat**~ replied to topic I feel bad...

Posted by: Triad My DD does that too. She has very serious conversations with me that includes her shaking her finger at me a lot. So I think I've done something bad. LOL, I find this too cute ...

Wednesday 27 January 01:40pm

~**Kat**~ replied to topic who's excited?

Posted by: threelittlemen&moo I will just be home with my little girl who will be 20 months then and I think that's when I won't know myself! Same!! I'll still have two at home but only for 3 da...

Wednesday 27 January 11:06am

~**Kat**~ replied to topic workout music

You won't like my choice, I'm not into the current pop stuff. My workout music is Nirvana, screaming jets, any old school type of stuff - all oldies but my fav... LOL [Edited on 26/01/2010]

Wednesday 27 January 10:44am
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