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*miabambino+1* replied to topic Losing the Dummy

Sorry wean wasn't the correct term... I want it GONE for good I have been trying the bedtime only approach, but this is met with tears and tantrums, so I don't know how getting rid of them entire...

Tuesday 08 January 09:53am

*miabambino+1* started new topic Losing the Dummy

Hi ladies, I am after some advice.... I have been trying to wean my 2yo off of the dummy, without much success I am now pregnant with #2, and want to get rid of the dummy once and for all, before ...

Tuesday 08 January 09:34am

*miabambino+1* replied to topic Already the worst mother :(

GBH! You are not a bad mother at all! So sorry you and your DS had to go through this. I seriously hope the Dr concerned gets reprimanded for his actions. Hoping your little guy heals quickly x

Saturday 22 December 08:33pm

*miabambino+1* replied to topic Due August 2013

Hi ladies! & welcome to all the new mummies-to-be!! Wow it sure has been busy since I was in here last! Tessa -Sorry you had a bad experience with your Dr. Sometimes they can be so insensiti...

Saturday 22 December 08:20pm

*miabambino+1* replied to topic Due August 2013

Hello and welcome to the new ladies! Figured I had better add myself to the due date list. 1/8 - Spepper (#1) 2/8 - Blue Jean Baby (#2) 2/8 - Carlyx (#2) 4/8 - My 3 Little Terror Tots (#4) - (d...

Wednesday 12 December 11:09am

*miabambino+1* replied to topic Due August 2013

Wow! How busy has it been in here for the past couple of days!! August babies are all the rage! Congrats and welcome to all the new mummies-to-be! I am very excited to share this journey with all...

Thursday 06 December 08:19pm

*miabambino+1* replied to topic belly shot... hopefully my last!!!!!!!

Oh what a gorgeous bump!!! Hopefully your little man decides to make his grand entrance soon Good luck

Tuesday 04 December 08:46pm

*miabambino+1* replied to topic Due August 2013

Hi ladies! I am extremely pleased to be joining this group as I was in the Due in July thread last month, but sadly miscarried at 5 weeks (fingers and toes crossed this little one sticks) I didn'...

Sunday 02 December 10:27am

*miabambino+1* replied to topic 10 questions

1. What is your ultimate dream vacation? Europe 2. What is for dinner tonight? Homemade Pizza 3. What is your favourite colour? Purple 4. What is your favourite number? 36 5. What is your favor...

Saturday 01 December 10:40pm

*miabambino+1* replied to topic how old are you?

30 and August

Saturday 01 December 08:26pm

*miabambino+1* replied to topic game...

1.freddo or caramello? Caramello 2.fairy floss or marshmallow? Fairy Floss 3.dimsim or potato cake? Potato Cake 4.twisties.. chicken or cheese? Chicken 5.m&ms's or smarties? M&M's (peanut of course...

Saturday 03 November 07:06pm

*miabambino+1* replied to topic pregnancy and smoking

My advice is, frankly you need to quit... not only for your baby, but for yourself too. Yes it's hard, but at the end of the day, your health and the health of your baby take priority over a few ci...

Thursday 01 November 08:47pm

*miabambino+1* replied to topic Going off the photo thread.. how old are all of you delicious mummas?

I'm 30

Thursday 01 November 08:26pm

*miabambino+1* replied to topic Pregnancy of Unknown Origin :(

Not good news :'( So unfortunately my blood results weren't good My HCG has dropped dramatically from last week and the bleeding is horrendous I just don't understand why? I mean I know there ...

Wednesday 31 October 10:19am

*miabambino+1* replied to topic Due July 2013

Just popping in to wish you all the best with your pregnancies. Unfortunately my pregnancy didn't progress as expected so I will be leaving you, and hopefully joining the UTD club again soon Take...

Tuesday 30 October 10:46am

*miabambino+1* replied to topic Pregnancy of Unknown Origin :(

TallulahBelle wrote: I don't know what pregnancy of unknown origin means but just wanted to say I had a threatened miscarriage with my first child and bled for two weeks- I was devastated and petri...

Tuesday 30 October 10:37am

*miabambino+1* started new topic Pregnancy of Unknown Origin :(

Feeling a little numb tonight... I am currently 5 weeks pregnant with #2, and have been having some intermittent shoulder tip pain (but no other pain) over the last 2 days, and started spotting thi...

Monday 29 October 09:17pm

*miabambino+1* replied to topic Thought I was 8-10wks but ultrasound shows 5w4d??

Hi! First of all Congratulations on your BFP! Very exciting times ahead indeed I know it's hard, but try not to stress too much about the scan (easier said than done I know), as the HB isn't gen...

Sunday 28 October 05:04pm

*miabambino+1* replied to topic Big Boy Bed

Very exciting! Fingers crossed he stays there all night! I have only put my DS in his big bed this past week, and so far so good! He has only gotten out once Although I am a bit sad at how fast ...

Saturday 27 October 08:23pm

*miabambino+1* replied to topic How long did you stay in hospital after giving birth?

I was in hospital for 8 days after having DS, due to complications arising from High BP. There is a strong FH of stoke in our family, and my OB didn't want to risk it. Hopefully this time around ...

Wednesday 24 October 11:19am
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