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NeneElle replied to topic 30 weeks and was wondering when I will loose my plug???? please answer.

I lost mine at 37 and a half weeks, DD was born 6 days later.

Friday 20 November 11:22am

NeneElle replied to topic How do you know if you're a good mum??

If your child is smiling and happy, you are doing a great job. Do you have any friends that can help for even a couple of hours a week to give you a break? I'm a single mum, but I'm lucky to have h...

Wednesday 18 November 04:14pm

NeneElle replied to topic i love it

Hi Jackie, my name's Janine, I love being a single parent aswell. My little girl is 5 months old and although it's hard work and I sometimes wish I had an extra pair of hands in the evenings, I lo...

Tuesday 17 November 04:50pm

NeneElle replied to topic breastpads. whats good and whats bad?

I use the Baby First woollen reusable breastpads, which are so comfy and soft against your skin. They do leak through (though I have very leaky breasts, even now and my baby is 5 months old), but ...

Tuesday 17 November 04:05pm
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