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kammy replied to topic coloxyl & lactulose

Hey Sarah_23, does your bub have a medical condition causing the constipation? If not then it is dietary related and/or not enough fluids. Long term use of laxatives isn't ideal especially in babi...

Thursday 16 June 01:20am

kammy replied to topic What's your bath routine?

Bathtime at our house is usually around 6pm each night as part of bubs bedtime routine. So its dinner, bath, bottle and then bed.

Tuesday 31 May 04:12am

kammy replied to topic 16yr old staying at b/f house

For the people that are saying no - would you let your DD then stay at a girlfriends house at that age? Just a thought - as she could be having 'sex' with her also. Huh? Most girls have sleep ov...

Saturday 14 May 06:23am

kammy replied to topic 16yr old staying at b/f house

No I dont think it is right for 16 year old kids to be sleeping over the bf/gf's house. As a 16 year old I was allowed to do this and it only brings temptation even closer. Even though we were mean...

Saturday 14 May 05:44am

kammy replied to topic aaah when will i learn not to settle for second best!

Im glad you posted on here Chalys about it so us other mummas know not to waste our money buying one. I too have always wanted a Dyson but didnt really want to outlay so much money. But looking b...

Thursday 12 May 05:51am

kammy replied to topic Nipple creams

Its called Lansinoh and you can buy it from the chemist or woolworths. You dont need to wash it off before feeding either, re-apply after every feed and as needed. Also try to go bra free as much a...

Wednesday 11 May 11:19pm

kammy replied to topic Skippy & the greek?

I too was wondering what happened to Skippy, that thread was really awful

Sunday 01 May 09:28pm

kammy replied to topic Ahh its already started!!

I just love when people say 'You do know how it happens don't you' geez I've never heard that one before. I absolutely hate this one! Some people are so frikken rude. I was pregnant at 39 and peo...

Sunday 01 May 09:09pm

kammy replied to topic Ex-boyfriends on Facebook

I decided not to add him and Im really glad I didnt now. My sisters fiance added his ex and she gave him her phone number and wanted him to call her!!! This caused a LOT of problems so now I think ...

Sunday 01 May 08:53pm

kammy replied to topic Constipation

I believe that the aim to adding brown sugar to the water is just for taste so the baby is more likely to drink it.

Friday 22 April 06:20am

kammy replied to topic FISHER & PAYKAL WASHING MACHINE

Ive owned two: the first was a 8kg top loader and lasted 12 years with constant washing every day for a family of 5, I loved it plus i could wash doonas etc. Then I recently replaced it with 7.5kg ...

Friday 22 April 06:01am

kammy replied to topic Honest opinions about this name for a girl please!

I like it. Traditional is boring. I dont think a person's name will effect how good they will do their job and I wouldnt choose a lawyer or doctor based on their name (I cant even pronounce my Dr's...

Thursday 21 April 04:27am


sent you a pm

Sunday 17 April 09:50pm

kammy replied to topic Pushy Family

What would you do in this situation? Both my partner and I have divorced and remarried parents this means our 6mth old has 8 grandparents. 6 of them put pressure on us to see who gets to be the f...

Saturday 16 April 09:11pm

kammy replied to topic Why is there so much pressure

Hmmm a tertiary educated childcare worker isn't going to make them more nurturing or caring roll eyes

Saturday 16 April 08:44pm

kammy replied to topic Why is there so much pressure

I really dont care what the research says. If the most impressionable time of a childs life is between 0 - 3 years then Im not going to chance my baby having a negative experience, I want my baby t...

Saturday 16 April 08:36pm

kammy replied to topic Waterbirth on RPA

I agree with your DH. Personally I wouldnt let my children watch it particularly at such a young age. However Im not judging or condemning it but its not something I believe young children need to ...

Friday 15 April 05:59am

kammy replied to topic HOT or NOT?

Bahaha DEF NOT!!!! He looks like a kid still. Manu Feidel? (the french judge off MKR) NOT lol Christiano Ronaldo the soccer player mmmmmmmmm

Friday 15 April 05:50am

kammy replied to topic Treatment in hospital over feeding options

make a formal complaint to the hospital, its the only way to ensure it doesnt happen to other mums in the future. If nobody complains then nothing will change.

Tuesday 12 April 05:02am

kammy replied to topic Just wondering

Hi, This is a setting in your profile. You can change it by clicking the following; going to your profile, edit profie, then under your profile information you can select x amount of recent visi...

Sunday 10 April 10:08pm
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