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1+2+1=4 replied to topic Help with dairy free diet.

The only biscuits I have found in the supermarket that don't contain dairy are Arnotts Hundreds and Thousands and there is also a mutlipack of 8 packs of bickies by Mr Munchies that come in the c...

Saturday 16 July 06:49pm

1+2+1=4 replied to topic Help with dairy free diet.

There are quite a few things that you can substitute dairy for. Butter you can use Nuttelex, which I think tastes better anyway. Milk you can use rice or soy milk and you can also get soy yoghurt ...

Friday 15 July 05:06pm

1+2+1=4 started new topic Help with dairy free diet.

My DS is a month under 1 year old -he has always had really bad skin, real dry and bad flare ups all the time. After another visit to the Dr today we have now decided to try a dairy free diet and s...

Friday 15 July 06:18am

1+2+1=4 replied to topic Nappy rash treatment

Curash powder and huggies nappy's. My boy had it real bad, we tried so much creams and stuff from Dr's. As soon as I tried curash powder and went to Huggies 24/7 instead of just night it cleared u...

Monday 27 June 05:34am

1+2+1=4 replied to topic Gift ideas for twins

As well as something for the babies. could I suggest 2 get something little for her DD (depending on her age). when my twins were born I had a 3 year old DD - one friend of mine gave my DD an inter...

Wednesday 22 June 06:50pm


Have you looked at an amber teething necklace? -I got one for my DS about 3-4 months of age. When he was that young I used to put it through the first hole of his all in ones all the time as it us...

Wednesday 22 June 05:50am

1+2+1=4 replied to topic After pains

When my DS was born I got bad tummy pains every time I fed him they were at there worst -I had to have a hot water bottle on my tummy some times I moved it to my back as well every time I fed him -...

Tuesday 14 June 06:12am

1+2+1=4 replied to topic Crawling?

My DS has just started crawling this week he is 9 1/2 months -he has been up on hands and knees and then he started going backwards a little then he started crawling -he is still starting. But he h...

Sunday 12 June 05:59am

1+2+1=4 replied to topic When is good to reduce amount of bottles/feeds

I did the wrong thing with my twins now 7 years old -when they were about 7 months I gave them really watered down ribena -at the time I was thinking about the heat (summer) and was worried they di...

Wednesday 01 June 06:02am

1+2+1=4 replied to topic animals with 3 year old. kittens how to handle them with children.

I looked after a 3 year old who loved my cat. She would hunt for him and pick him up want to brush him...... So I talked to her and made a few rules.. -when the cat is eating or sleeping you have t...

Wednesday 01 June 05:49am

1+2+1=4 replied to topic bumbo

I would have to agree with subzero. My DS is 9 months old and has only been in his high chair for just over a month. Not only is it not good for their development, children should learn to sit by ...

Wednesday 01 June 05:36am

1+2+1=4 replied to topic Newborn washing powder??????

you don't know how sensitive your baby's skin is going to be -so I would suggest using lux as a first wash. I washed all clothes and bedding in lux before my DS was born -a couple of months after h...

Thursday 26 May 05:09pm

1+2+1=4 replied to topic Wodden letters

As you will not need much paint I would suggest to go to your local paint shop and get some test pots -they will hv colour sheets for you to look at and choose what ones you want.

Wednesday 25 May 08:57pm

1+2+1=4 replied to topic Huggies Nappies Vs Other Brands

I have to fully agree with you!! A couple of weeks after my DS was born he got a really bad nappy rash on his back where the band of the nappy sat - it got really bad! -slimy and smelly and a coupl...

Wednesday 25 May 06:09pm

1+2+1=4 replied to topic NEW PLYMOUTH MUMZ

New Plymouth is so small -Starting to think maybe you already know me or no of me?

Tuesday 24 May 07:47pm

1+2+1=4 replied to topic How many teeth does your 8 month old have?

Update: DS is 9 months in 2 days. and he now has 3 teeth on the bottom and 4 on the top -and 1 on the top is just about to cut through. This is the first time I have used an amber necklace, he has...

Saturday 21 May 07:00pm

1+2+1=4 replied to topic Where does your forum name

just B$ I had my DS when I first came on her I was something like mum of 3 girls. But since my DS came along I changed it to 1+2+1=4. -1 (1st preg, 1 DD) + 2 (twins, 2 DD) +1 (1DS) = 4 (4 children)

Saturday 14 May 06:19pm

1+2+1=4 replied to topic Its over!

I am the opposite I love self serve -It is so much faster if only have a couple of things. At the supermarket I love it cause I am sick of the checkout people having no respect when scanning and pa...

Saturday 14 May 06:11pm

1+2+1=4 replied to topic My baby girl is here! :)

Congratulations. Have you got a wheat bag or hot water bottle? -I got really bad after pains in my tummy when I was feeding my DS for the first couple of days and I could only feed him if I had a ...

Friday 13 May 05:29am

1+2+1=4 replied to topic Twin names

I have twin girls -Samantha Paige and Mikayla Jade.

Monday 09 May 06:00am
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