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Ali_E replied to topic Modesty During and After giving Birth - May Contain Adult Themes!

Hang your dignity at the door on your way in ladies!! Ha ha ha!! I was butt naked by the time my little man arrived. It was about 40 degrees in the middle of Summer so I had nothing on, with 2 mid...

Wednesday 04 August 09:04am

Ali_E replied to topic Miscarriage, Pregnant again! Very worried!

Hi there... I have just recently had my little man, who came after I lost my first bub at 10 weeks. I was devestated when it happened and was surprised how much it upset me. When I fell pregnant ag...

Wednesday 04 August 08:55am

Ali_E replied to topic How cute are the denim bubs?

I finally got some! It's amazing how popular they are everywhere you go. They are selling off the shelves like crazy. I have only been able to find girls nappies, then when I had all but given in, ...

Wednesday 04 August 08:36am

Ali_E replied to topic Drug-free births

hey how you guys doin im new to all of this so im not even sure if i have written in the tight place!!!!lol i had a natural birth with no drugs at all i was 18 when i had my son who weighed 7pound...

Friday 14 May 03:20am

Ali_E replied to topic Feeling Numb after first m/c

Not sure where I'm at or what I'm feeling... I was due to have baby #3 on 8 October & was 8wks 4days when I started bleeding. Went to the doctors & had an ultrasound & the baby did not have a hea...

Friday 14 May 03:03am
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