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Kal08 started new topic Unsettled newborn

Hi guys, This has probably been on here a lot, this is my 2nd bubs and like her big sister 2 weeks old and all of a sudden she is having screaming matches for hours at night and hardly sleeping dur...

Monday 24 June 05:24pm

Kal08 replied to topic Due June 2013

Hey everyone, glad I found this June thread. My bubs is due June 20th 2nd one and another girl! Can't wait the count down is on! Although I'm at the I'm over it stage now. I'...

Tuesday 07 May 05:54am

Kal08 replied to topic TMI - hurts to walk

** I put a smiley face but ????? Came up oops

Monday 06 May 07:27pm

Kal08 replied to topic TMI - hurts to walk

Wow thanks everyone for replying. I didn't realize it was so common. I totally agree its so hard to explain to people the pain. I never had it before so that's why I was freaking out! It&...

Monday 06 May 07:25pm

Kal08 started new topic TMI - hurts to walk

Hey guys, I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before but I'm 31 weeks pregnant and the last few days my vagina feels like it's been kicked, punched you name it! I feel it getting...

Sunday 21 April 06:35am

Kal08 replied to topic Eating Fluff

Wow I'm glad I'm not the only 2 1/2 yr old daughter has done it since she was a baby and still sometimes does it. I don't have a answer she had always gotten in trouble for it but would stil...

Saturday 03 November 07:06pm

Kal08 replied to topic 5 weeks pregnant and very bloated

I'm 5 week and am having the same problem, it's so bad I'm nearly not fitting into my work uniform! Grrrr it's so annoying hey? I never had this with my first bub.

Friday 19 October 06:32am

Kal08 started new topic A few questions

Hey there, I am only about 6 weeks preg with my 2nd and just have a question that I didn't notice with my first. I am soooo bloated that it actually looks like I'm pregnant is that normal to be ...

Thursday 18 October 09:35pm

Kal08 replied to topic mothers groups

Hi. I'm part of a Mother's Group in the Redlands area. We have a FB page- if you like PM me your FB name and I can friend you then invite you to join. We meet at lots of different places in the R...

Wednesday 20 October 07:07am

Kal08 started new topic mothers groups

hi, i'm a first time mum with a 11 week old baby girl and was looking for mothers groups in the redlands, around alex hills,birkdale or capalaba areas. Would be great to catch up with people in the...

Tuesday 19 October 09:56pm

Kal08 replied to topic Anyone recarpeted their house recently?

We had ours done a light brown, its a great colour because it already has a dirty look about it, plus it really lightens the rooms. We also have 2 white cats so dark wasn't really practical.

Tuesday 29 June 05:36pm

Kal08 replied to topic measuring too small

Thanks everyone, I feel better knowing other peoples experience on it and that it might not be anything to worry about it could be many things or nothing. I guess i will still be anxious when i get...

Tuesday 29 June 05:31pm

Kal08 started new topic measuring too small

I had my check up appointment and the obstertrician measured my belly and said i am a little small i'm 34 1/2 weeks but measuring 32 1/2cm, so he is sending me to get a ultrasound to check it all o...

Tuesday 29 June 04:07am

Kal08 started new topic finishing work

I'm not sure if i'm finishing work too early, i have 6 weeks left to go and i'm finishing work now. I'm worried i will be too bored and being on 1 wage i cant really do to much. Any advise?

Tuesday 22 June 10:51pm
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