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tash89 replied to topic Did you find out the sex before the birth?

I kept it a surprise with both of mine.. We had a girl 1st then a boy... If I was 2 have another baby would have a surprise again makes it fun!!

Monday 19 November 04:28pm

tash89 replied to topic if you pass away

My mum will have our kids she's only 43years old and is still fit and healthy and has a big house on plenty of land and loves my kids as much as I do and would bring them up as I would fingers cro...

Monday 19 November 03:55pm

tash89 replied to topic Stretch and sweep

I had 1 at around 330pm and started getting pains around 630pm by 11pm they were 5-6 min apart went 2 hospital and had bub at 213am so it worked 4 me good luck

Tuesday 22 November 08:46pm

tash89 replied to topic sudden fear of bathtime

Dd done this at about the same age.. I used always let the water out of the bath once I had her dry and dressed but 1 day she pulled the plug by her self so I let all the water run out 2 show her w...

Friday 22 July 09:58pm

tash89 replied to topic Odd Socks!

Dp and I always have odd socks I've been wearing odd socks since I was a kid ad long as there the same thinkness I don't care.. But in saying that I don't put odd socks on dd I don't no y I just al...

Friday 17 June 02:06am

tash89 replied to topic Positive Dads

Love this thread!! My dp his not the most helpful round the house because he works all day but his amazing with our dd (17 months) she is his world and he makes sure she knows it he spends so much ...

Wednesday 01 June 01:43am

tash89 replied to topic can i breast feed and formula feed?

Depends how old bub is... I bf till dd was 13 months but at about 8 or 9 months I started topping her up b4 bed at night with formula and that's when she started sleeping all night.. My boobs never...

Thursday 19 May 02:19am

tash89 replied to topic How old are you?

21 ill b 22 in dec

Tuesday 03 May 06:12pm

tash89 replied to topic bit of a vent and advive! :)

Oh dear I can c why your upset men dont think sometimes.. Just ask him how he would feel if it was the other way round and u were drunk with your girl friend and she bought a couple of sleazy guys ...

Tuesday 26 April 06:27pm

tash89 replied to topic I am at the end of my rope

Hi i hope u got some sleep... I'm not in the same boat but my mum was growing up. my brother sounded like your son 2 a T. In the end it was his diet.. Not that he was unhealthy just certain food ...

Sunday 24 April 06:48pm

tash89 replied to topic best partner ever

Add my dp 2 the list.. His not perfect but he's pretty good our dd his world she is 15 months which I love and we have 1 on the way.. I wouldn't change a thing

Wednesday 20 April 05:25pm

tash89 replied to topic Seriously!!! WTH

Very sad poor baby... Nothing is more important than your kids.. If u can't take 15-20 minutes out of your day 2 watch them have a bath then u prob shouldn't have kids.. I wonder what other things...

Monday 18 April 11:53pm

tash89 replied to topic October Babies 2011

Hi girls I'm on the face book site but am happy 2 be part of both, i had my scans last week I'm due on the 20th oct, makes me 8 weeks 2 days I think, bring on 12 weeks I say, mind u I have started ...

Saturday 12 March 07:28pm

tash89 replied to topic Is it normal

The day I went into labour I think I went number 2# about 6 times by 8 that night I was on labour lol

Tuesday 08 March 12:35am

tash89 started new topic It sucks when...

Ok so dp and I both have huge family's which means every name I like is already taken and it driving me insane I dont want my bubba 2 have the same name as any1 I no lol is that weird?? I think I l...

Wednesday 02 March 07:34pm

tash89 replied to topic Flynn or Will

I love the name will but have a cousin and friend with the name so I feel I can't use it

Wednesday 02 March 07:20pm

tash89 replied to topic October Babies 2011

I girls just wondering how I join the October facebook group??? I can't seem 2 find it:(

Tuesday 01 March 07:16am

tash89 replied to topic High energy baby

Hi my dd (14 months) is very "high energy" She always has been but I dont mind id rather that than a lazy baby, she spends car rides trying 2 arch her back and get out of her seat but doesn't cry, ...

Sunday 27 February 07:47pm

tash89 replied to topic No heartbeat and slight bleeding

Hi, I went 4 a scan at what My doc thought was about 6-7 weeks, I also have a tilted uterus and had an internal, anyway they couldn't find a heart beat but she said she thinks im only just over 5 w...

Saturday 26 February 04:26am

tash89 replied to topic To Immunise or Not to Immunise......

I personly didn't even think about not vaxing my dd I just figure if there's a chance it will stop her getting sick what ever the percentage I wanted her 2 have that chance, and I would hate her 2 ...

Thursday 24 February 08:15pm
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