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dukedeville started new topic VBAC at Mercy Womens in Heidleburg

Hi all, We are planning to start trying for our 2nd soon and I was just wondering if anyone had any experiences with VBAC at The Mercy in Heidleburg? We were originally booked in to have our 1st i...

Sunday 09 September 12:11pm

dukedeville replied to topic 3 day potty training

Thanks for that! My husband made me feel slightly guilty about not paying for it... so have decided to purchase it anyway. Can't wait to try it out next week though. My little man will not use th...

Wednesday 04 January 09:24pm

dukedeville replied to topic 3 day potty training

Hi, I would love a copy of the info too please! Email is [email protected] thanks heaps

Sunday 01 January 08:42pm

dukedeville replied to topic Inverted nipples and breastfeeding

Hi, I have inverted nipples that come out when it's cold. I had some issues at the beginning with breastfeeding, but I'm not sure if it's because of my inverted nipples, or because I had to have ...

Sunday 11 July 06:06am

dukedeville replied to topic I hate cry it out

I am totally against controlled crying as well. But this seems even beyond that. Just a thought, because obviously I don't know your friend, but could there be a more sinister underlying issue? I ...

Sunday 11 July 05:58am

dukedeville replied to topic how much does it hurt?

Hi, For me breast feeding hurt in the beginning, it took my little man a few days to learn how to do it and then we still had issues at every feed until he would finally latch on properly. It took...

Thursday 13 May 10:26pm

dukedeville replied to topic Breastfeeding questions..

Hi, When my baby and I had thrush I used daktarin gel on my nipples and nilstat in his mouth. The other thing I did which made it finally clear was change my disposable breast pads every time I t...

Wednesday 12 May 09:36pm
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