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*Waratah* replied to topic Behavioural opthamologist

Yes My DS1 was having problems reading, we were recommended we take him to one when he was 5. His vision is perfect (which is what an optometrist would have found) ... he however was showed to ha...

Tuesday 26 February 06:45pm

*Waratah* replied to topic Is there a link between the MMR jab and ADHD

Hi again Sometimes we can get caught sitting and looking for a 'why my child' answer. Both my children have ADD and learning disabilities. I did not smoke or use drugs. I believe it is genetics...

Thursday 20 September 12:01pm

*Waratah* replied to topic Anxiety and stress in 4 year old

As a parent I can imagine how you must be at your wits end Has something happened ? Has she been picked on by another child? Is she talking about it? From what you describe something seems to b...

Tuesday 18 September 09:43pm

*Waratah* replied to topic my son and adhd....feel so alone

Hi Jo I had a meeting with my sons learning support team on Monday in light of the results we received last week ... I just thought it was worthwhile mentioning that they said to me in TRUE ADHD ki...

Tuesday 18 September 09:33pm

*Waratah* replied to topic baby showers

Hi It is acceptable ... lots of people do it. Personally I only go to baby showers for first pregnancies ... if people have showers for their second, third, fourth I am *cough* 'busy' ... but of ...

Monday 17 September 02:06pm

*Waratah* replied to topic my son and adhd....feel so alone

Hi Jo Reading your post really has me feeling for you. I have two sons ages 7 and 8, both with auditory processing issues and ADD. Our boys are at a private school and see a speech therapist regu...

Sunday 16 September 03:10pm

*Waratah* replied to topic School Mum cliques

My advice ... STAY AWAY from them hehe I am serious. Don't worry about them. When you walk in try and make eye contact and smile so you are seen to be friendly but otherwise I would be more than h...

Thursday 12 July 03:05pm

*Waratah* replied to topic The modern man

I think you need to do what works for your family I have friends who work fulltime. I don't know how they get everything done. If I was in their boat I would expect/want my husband to be sharing t...

Thursday 12 July 02:59pm

*Waratah* replied to topic Baby's knocked out front tooth at 15 months :(

Awww Ren your poor little guy and poor you Unfortunately kids knocking teeth out is is very common. I did it myself when I was 4, my mum put mine back in the gum and rushed me to the dentist havi...

Thursday 05 July 11:50am

*Waratah* replied to topic Help!! What size clothes will I need :P

Hi. My kids were 7lb 2 and 6lb 5 at birth ... so on the average to small side. Mine were in 0000 for about 6 weeks. Then 000 till around 6mths. 00's till almost one and size 0's when they were 1.

Thursday 21 June 06:02pm

*Waratah* replied to topic A what would you do question

Hard one. My son had an immersion scare at 2 in a backyard pool and was in hospital for two days because of it. Understandably he became fearful of water and it was a nightmare getting him comfor...

Thursday 21 June 05:53pm

*Waratah* replied to topic Wedding Invite (child non-vite lol)

It is direct ... but it leaves no confusion I wouldn't take my kids to a wedding as most weddings aren't child friendly events. I have taken one of my boys before to a wedding whilst I was still ...

Monday 11 June 01:57pm

*Waratah* replied to topic How do you discuss 'dying' with your kids?

Thanks for all the replies, some great ideas. Yes it is a hard topic. My kids thus far have only known of older people to die, which is why it's been easy to say it happens to older people As...

Saturday 09 June 02:11pm

*Waratah* replied to topic How do you discuss 'dying' with your kids?

Thanks knockonwood. I was hoping it might pass after a few days too but he seems to be getting more and more upset by it all these last couple of days You have put my mind at ease that your daught...

Monday 04 June 06:41pm

*Waratah* replied to topic What do you think about the cost of child care?

I agree with you Chalys. When I looked at daycare for my kids before they started school it was $70/day. It was never worth putting them in for that cost when I felt I could give them way more at...

Monday 04 June 06:33pm

*Waratah* started new topic How do you discuss 'dying' with your kids?

My 6 year old has become quite scared about dying this last week or so, even having bad dreams about it. We have tried to keep things pretty basic (eg. most people only die when they get really old...

Monday 04 June 06:27pm

*Waratah* replied to topic Kids birthday parties

Hi I try and hand out invites 4 weeks before

Monday 04 June 06:14pm

*Waratah* replied to topic So who's still around?

This is my first time back here in awhile ... Whoa what happened? ??

Friday 01 June 05:05pm

*Waratah* replied to topic 60 Minutes Selective Reduction

I found it all very disturbing I would prefer to see these mums still bring these babies into the world and give them up for adoption if they are that adament about not wanting that many kids. ...

Monday 21 May 11:53pm

*Waratah* replied to topic If one of you wants another baby and the other doesn't... UPDATED

I don't think there is an easy answer to this one I'm on the other side of the coin, we have two boys close in age. We'd always pre-agreed to two kids close in age. It was me who changed their m...

Monday 21 May 11:46pm
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