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*mummi* replied to topic Any Lawyers or people Studying law here

no but near there, kinda

Wednesday 10 August 07:00am

*mummi* started new topic Any Lawyers or people Studying law here

I have a question regarding a private hairdresser lol If you could PM that would be great!

Wednesday 10 August 04:53am

*mummi* started new topic Do Dicksmiths/JB etc have sales around this time?

I was wondering if places like DickSmiths, JB Hi-Fi, WOW sight and sound etc have any sales around this time of year? I have never really paid attention but am wanting to buy a new TV and there ar...

Sunday 26 June 06:49pm

*mummi* replied to topic ...

I have been through the court process in regards to custody and it may be different with each state but this is how it was in VIC. You have to attempt mediation ONCE- if you cannot reach an agreem...

Tuesday 21 June 06:22pm

*mummi* started new topic Vegetable soup recipes

I want to make a really nice vegetable soup my mum makes a lovely one but I can't remember it and I can't get a hold of her at the moment! I prefer ones that aren't a tomatoey base IYKWIM? I hav...

Friday 03 June 06:39pm

*mummi* replied to topic opinions

just after opninions my twin sister just had her baby today and she decided to call him "parker" im sorry but me and Df think its a terrible name and everyone else is saying its a great name but i...

Sunday 29 May 07:37pm

*mummi* started new topic What do you do?

So I took DS2 (19months) dummy away Sunday night- he has been going great with out it however he has woken up a couple of times during the early hours of the morning (3-4am) and I have NO idea what...

Friday 27 May 03:54am

*mummi* replied to topic Do you pay extra at kindy..

DS1's school thing is $62 a day (long) with no other fees at all- I'm assuming that covers the activities and they're meals. Perhaps that is why you only pay $85 a term? as it doesn't include act...

Thursday 26 May 11:08pm

*mummi* replied to topic How to word a cancellation letter

Nah no waiting list! I never really thought about it lol and not long after I joined they changed the notice period from 4 weeks to 2!

Wednesday 25 May 09:50pm

*mummi* replied to topic I think i've got baby blues :/

I think I have baby blues. When Travis was born, I didn't get to hold him until an hour and half after he was born, and when I did get to see him, it was only for 20mins. He was born via c-section...

Wednesday 25 May 09:47pm

*mummi* replied to topic How to word a cancellation letter

Thanks I might go with something like that. Yeah with this gym you need 2 weeks notice and a written thing to say you want to cancel, I am just emailing it through! I've never cancelled anything s...

Monday 23 May 06:28pm

*mummi* replied to topic High Blood Pressure, 24 year old!

Thanks for the replies guys! Sorry it took a while to reply. I went to the Dr and have to get blood tests to make sure kidney/liver are fine, I go back next week for the results and if they are fi...

Monday 23 May 05:48pm

*mummi* started new topic How to word a cancellation letter

So I need to write up a cancellation letter for my gym membership (I am changing to a 24/7 gym simply for convenience) however, I have no idea how to word it! Any help would be greatly appreciated!...

Monday 23 May 05:45pm

*mummi* started new topic High Blood Pressure, 24 year old!

So I get high blood pressure when pregnant and was induced both times due to it. I was meant to keep an eye on it after DS2 but forgot () anyways, I took it yesterday and it was 145/107 took it aga...

Wednesday 18 May 04:55am

*mummi* replied to topic Really struggling

I haven't read other replies really so apologies if I sound like a broken record- actually I take that apology back as I think numerous people telling you the same thing is exactly what you need! ...

Sunday 15 May 11:41pm

*mummi* replied to topic Personal individual thoughts

I was wondering what your personal individual thoughts were regarding a young child of any age wearing an alcohol branded hat or clothing item. Is it an issue for you? Would you look down upon a p...

Sunday 15 May 11:30pm

*mummi* replied to topic 16yr old staying at b/f house

To be completely honest, I have no freaking idea if I would let my DS's stay at their GF's place! It's one of those things I'll have to deal with if it comes up and base my decision on the way th...

Saturday 14 May 06:12am

*mummi* replied to topic Stupid women across the road - VENT - UPDATE

Are you angry or just being funny? Just because where is a good place for timeout? My friend puts her kids in the laundry that has all cupboards locked so they cant get into them and its the only ...

Thursday 05 May 03:08am

*mummi* replied to topic Stupid women across the road - VENT - UPDATE

I am FURIOUS if she is using MY CHILDREN for a stupid political debate about detention centres. Right because she couldn't possibly be genuinely concerned when she sees your children screaming ...

Thursday 05 May 01:09am

*mummi* replied to topic has anyone ever secretly found out the sex of their baby

I haven't personally, well I found out and DP didn't want to know but I told our family members as they knew to keep it from him- he ended up tricking me into tell him lol I do know of heaps of pe...

Thursday 05 May 01:05am
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