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Hannah001 replied to topic something weird happening with night sleeps

Babies after completing their sleep wake up and starts crying.It is a general scenario because babies don't have enough physical activity so that they are not enough tired to sleep for a long durat...

Wednesday 12 October 09:11am

Hannah001 replied to topic Bit worried about under-mattress sensor monitors

The Baby monitoring pads is a good idea for observing the condition and health of new born.I think enough research is need to be done on such kind of device to note health condition of a baby.its e...

Wednesday 12 October 08:21am

Hannah001 replied to topic Infant's Friend

Infant child are soft toys like teddy, cartoon toy friend etc.These kind of toy friend provide joy and fun to the baby .provide your baby an environment in which baby feel that he/she is not alone....

Wednesday 12 October 08:12am

Hannah001 replied to topic protect your child health by using plastic free and reusable water bottles

The care for the health of new one is very essential as he/she is too small to take care of himself /herself.One of the factor to bad health of baby is bottle use by mother to feed their child as i...

Wednesday 12 October 07:52am

Hannah001 replied to topic Night sweats

Night sweats may occur for genetic reasons and may be relatively harmless. Some women experience night sweats during pregnancy due to hormonal changes

Thursday 29 September 07:15am

Hannah001 replied to topic period after baby

I feel how worry you due to this problem. If you feel something wrong you take a test and consult any doctor. .

Thursday 29 September 07:04am

Hannah001 replied to topic Weighing it up

Gaining the right amount of weight during pregnancy by eating a healthy, balanced diet is a good sign that your baby is getting all the nutrients he or she needs and is growing at a healthy rate.

Thursday 29 September 06:59am

Hannah001 replied to topic Just wondering...

My dad usually goes to bed at 7:00pm, and my mom usually goes to bed at 10:00pm. He used to have to wake up at 4:00am for work every morning, and even to this day (he retired more than 10 years ago...

Sunday 22 May 12:42am

Hannah001 replied to topic What Can I Take??

You can try hot leman tea. It is very effective for cold/flu. And you can consult any doctor.

Sunday 22 May 12:32am

Hannah001 replied to topic Sore tailbone

The pressure of a baby passing through the birth canal can bruise, dislocate, or even fracture your tailbone. Fractures aren't common, but some women actually hear a crack or pop when their tailbon...

Sunday 22 May 12:25am

Hannah001 replied to topic which bottles work best??

I also use dr brown bottles and my bub has silent reflux. Not even the local Doc's would help me... was told they cry for the 1st 3mnths. you can also get ones that have an attachable handle for wh...

Wednesday 18 May 02:15am

Hannah001 replied to topic Can I bottle feed my breast milk all the time?

I breast fed both my kids and I just want to say be patient. I fed them breast milk from a bottle too although they never liked it as much. When I was having problems with him taking the boob I fou...

Wednesday 18 May 02:13am

Hannah001 replied to topic Excess drool causing rash on face - need ideas

If baby develops a drool rash while they’re teething, keep a towel or cotton cloth under their bed sheet to soak up the drool. When they drool in their sleep, their sensitive faces rub against the...

Wednesday 18 May 02:07am

Hannah001 replied to topic Baby sign language

Nice article. Great job. It is a fact that infants develop the fine muscles in their hands before they develop those required for speech, so they’re equipped to communicate with you before they can...

Friday 29 April 07:04am

Hannah001 replied to topic What is your baby/toddler scared of?

Our oldest was always afraid of the vacuum. We got into the routine of DH vacuuming while I sat and played with her in another room. She's the one who jabbers about everything and doesn't know what...

Friday 29 April 06:58am

Hannah001 replied to topic Is it safe to drink coke zero and sprite zero while pregnant????

Coke and sprite zero have phenylalaine-aspartame in it. It wasnt until a diabetic friend who's on ivf told me how dangerous this stuff is on an unborn child. Ive since looked it up on the net and f...

Friday 29 April 06:50am

Hannah001 replied to topic Grandparents

You might sound silly not wanting them to take him but if neither of you want it to happen then it's a parents joint decision. And not mentioning it while they were still talking is pretty rude. Un...

Tuesday 26 April 05:04am

Hannah001 replied to topic august 2010

My little girl was born 2/11/10. She was 3 weeks early..

Tuesday 26 April 05:01am

Hannah001 replied to topic So how do you re-establish breast feeding?

Best thing to do is put babe to the breast whenever she wants feeding and don't top up with formula, express in between if she wont feed regularly off you, take a supplement (domperidone, you need ...

Tuesday 26 April 04:54am

Hannah001 replied to topic New born hearing screening

The screen uses two quick and simple tests to see if there is a need for further investigation. These are called the Otoacoustic Emissions test (OAE) and the Automated Auditory Brainstem Response t...

Wednesday 20 April 12:36am
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