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I had the pleasure of meeting Elisa a couple of times, and our families enjoyed meals and some wonderful conversations. Even when Elisa was so sick, she always had the othewrs in her heart. Elisa, you will be sadly missed......I can only count a few people that I know to be so genuine, kind and caring. Lachlan and Anastasia have a wonderful father who will now care for them, and I am sure talk to them about the beautiful mother they have. But, I am still left wondering why such a beautiful soul has been taken. Rest in Peace beautiful lady xxxx Pauline, I am so very sorry for your loss Michelle

We have guns,several in fact. All locked away safely. Hubby uses them for hunting and target shooting. Actually he is at a deer hunting course this weekend. Our daughter has been hunting with him (although no shots were fired), but, she has been, and will continue to be taught about safety around guns. She is being educated on the correct use, and that there is certainly a time and a place. This is a discussion with many factors that are to be considered. Guns can be dangerous, and so can cars. But, I don't see any discussions about Transformers, those race track sets where the cars travel very fast (I have a girl and don't know what they are called!),remote controlled cars etc......and yet they encourage speeding and crashing into one another. You know your kids best, and I am sure you will make the decision that is right for you. Michelle

Happy Birthday to Anastasia Have a wonderful birthday, and if you drop by of the weekend,I may be able to organise a cake Love Michelle xx

oh, forgot to add, Pauline you are welcome to come to.....

ohhh, yes please!! That would be sensational! That is next weekend!! I don't know if you still have my email...I'd pm it to you if I could LOL Keep in touch....would be fantastic to meet you! Michelle

Hi Elisa, I can't send you a pm Love Michelle xx

I can't send you a pm

No Early Childhood service I have ever worked in has used time out. The centre should have their policies on display in the foyer or such, and so I would look through their policies and find the one they have for behaviour guidance and see if what they have is in line with what they did. If not, I'd be taking it further.

Morning Ro! I wanted to add a quick reply here, and share some of my professional experiences (for what it is worth!!) As you know,I know the person who approached you yesterday,and she does interact pretty closely with the children,even if it is for only a short time each week. I don't know Judd, but don't totally discredit what she has said. As a preschool teacher, we often need to make many observations, and spend a lot of one on one time with a child whose speech we are concerned about before we mention anything to the parent. We do a few 'tests' (not the right word) and games to try to work out what is going on. So this may be why Judd's teachers haven't said anything yet. In the past I work with a child who had some very severe speech issues which are hindering his play and interactions with children and staff. This parent was approach very early in their first year of 4 yr old year,but decided not to do anything until the year before they started school.. We had a child who ...

Sounds like a great idea...I'd be in!