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Hey there, I hadn't heard anything about these before, but I had a look at the website,and found some of the diary entries really interesting. Thanks for putting the links up

Here is a link to the DEEWR site, which provides a very detailed outlines of some of the issues that has been outlined here, but also how the National Quality Standards with effect Early Childhood services, the new early learning frameworks which services will need to respond to within policies, and interactions with children and families etc. Quite complex stuff, but certainly aimed at improving the care and education that Early Childhood services provide.

Right now, I am wishing I lived someone else life. Someone who did things well. I want to be someone with friends I could call and talk to. I don't want to come home from a huge day at work to just have to go to the shops to get groceries for tea. I want my life to be simple. I don't want to lay in bed thinking about the things that I have failed in during the day,or stressing about the things I didn't get done. I know that person exists somewhere. I want to get along with my family.I want to go to work, knowing I will make a difference to someones life. I don't want to feel the pressure that is drowning me. I want my husband to understand that I cannot do it all. I want him to know that all I want is be a normal person, with a normal family. I want to come home from work, and enjoy my daughter reading her reader, and doing homework.I hate that I am pleased she is smart enough to get by without my undivided attention when she does her homework. I want a,I want the time f...

Happy Birthday Elisa!! Have a truly wonderful day - you deserve to be treated like a queen and spolit rotten! Love Michelle xoxo

Hubby and I are mid thirties as well, and 6 months ago we moved into a home that took us over three years to build. We did a hellofalot of it ourselves, and it was a hard slog. A lot of sacrifices along the way as well. But, in building it, it has put us into debt - not a huge amt going by what a lot of ppl we know oew, but we wanted a home that we would have for a long time, and we wanted it to be all about us. And it is. We could have stayed in the dog box that we lived in, and owed not a cent, but, we wanted comfort. In the building though, we did have luxuries and the odd holiday - nothing flash, but it was valuable family time. You can't get that back. I have a BIL who is very wealthy. Very. BUT, their holidays revolve around leaving their daughter with grandparents while they have 'time to themselves'.These people are very self centred and I look at them at think that they are unhappy. I think the years of hard slog to get where he his, took the joy from their lives. I work, ...

Thanks Elisa, our little friend has had her last treatment, and has been given the all clear, so our fingers are crossed for her. I have another friend, though, who recieved some more bad news last week,and she has more tumours, and has takenon some palitive care. She is not well at all, which is heart breaking. However, she remains optimistic and is enjoying every day that she can. I am so pleased that things are looking up for you

Morning Elisa I was just thinking about you yesterday, and wondering how you were going. It sounds like things may be looking up for you, and I am so pleased. Enjoy the shopping and the seminar,and remember,you are never far from my thoughts. Michelle xxx

Hubby is, as we speak waiting in line at the fish and chip shop to get our lunch. We were both bought up not eating meat on Good Friday, and we will continue this. I have, however, a beef casserole in the slowy that is cooking so I can freeze it and take it away over our holiday, and I feel guilty over that! Each to their own...but I do take issue with anyone who is going to criticise the choice of others. HAPPY EASTER

HI Amanda..try googling NSW Foundation font (or similar - you may get the NSW style. We have a couple of educational toy shops here that have placemats with the font on them and pics, ie 'a' and apple. Its a good starting point. I also have a sheet at work we give to families. PM me your address again and I'll send it to you - and if you can't find athe placemat - let me know and I'll get you one of those too. Michelle

Thanks for the laugh ladies But I have to say that although some things do bother me a little but....I tend to concentrate on things that matter more to me. I have learnt that life is too short to 'sweat the small stuff'. Try this..... the next time the cloth is left in the sink, on the toilet paper is coming from underneath, take a breath and ask yourself "Does is REALLY matter??"