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I have a similar conatainer Ro, and I love it. Howver it was only $20 for the Reject Shop. I considered paying more, but for the number of times I will use it, I though $20 was a fair price. It makes moving cupakes so much easier, and as the cupcake tray comes out, I can put a cake or slices on the bottom. Michelle

We carefull chose a Catholic school for our DD. This was based on my knowledge of the school in the area (both public and private). Our decision was based on the number of children enrolled, the length of time that staff had been employed, the facilities and the way that our daughter was acknowledge and spoken to at our enrollment interview. Our school fees are not what I consider to be too high - a local Anglican school has upped their fees this year and have lost a LOT of families, many of which have moved to our school. I love that the Principal plays handball with the kids in the courtyard, and that he know my daughter, mine, and my husbands names. That says a lot to me. Also, the prinicpal is very keen to become informed about Early Childhood education - the prior to school stuff - and that is my baby. Really it is choice that only YOU can make in the end.

No it doesn't seem fair at all. The way I see it is 'it doesn't matter how old it is, it is still a butt on a seat', which is what it does come down to for us. That is how the funding in allocated from Community Services. We have well over 100 enrolled for this year.....We have 3 different groups for 4yr old ( operating on differing days, in 2 classrooms, and 1x 3yr old group who come one or more of Tue, Thur or Fri am. I would still seek clarification from the Management

The Dept of Ed have nothing to do with the running of a community based preschool. I am the director of a preschool, (NSW), and I am happy to clarify things for you a little bit more. Generally, a service would offer 3 yr old sessions and 4yr old sessions....BUT if it is only a very small service, they may have the children in the same sessions (numbers may not be great enough to warrant separate groupings. They may also be loking at the future (and preschools are under a huge amt of pressure to attract children), and they *may* be thinking that if they get the 3's, they should have them as 4 year olds IYKWIM. I am not saying this is the way is should be, OR, that it is what they are thinking. I have a rather large preschool, and haven't dealt with the worries of a smaller service. My suggestion would be to put your concerns in writing, outlining the converstaion that you had and direct it to the Management committee, and seek an answer that way. If you could PM the name of the ser...

I think it is a great idea. We have them installed in a couple of outdoor locations at our house, and we have them connected to the tv systems - so channel 1 on any tv in the house is the front door, ch 2 is the driveway etc etc. I love it. If DD happens to be in the house on her own (and we are in the yard for eg) and the doorbell rings, she knows to go to ch1 and see who it is. If she knows them, she can let them in, otherwise, she is to come and get us. Definately worth it

Manda, as it is a preschool, and doesn't actually cater for children under 3, technically they don't need a nappy change facility. This would also impact of staff ratios/wages/fees etc. At our place, we prefer the children to be in knickers - pullups are just like nappies, and children begin to rely on this after a while. The staff shouldn't mind any little accidents - that is all a part of it. If it was me, I wouldn't be giving her any choice, knickers all the way - but perhaps I am a toughie! Just make sure you pack heaps of knicker snd clothes. In our 3's, the children are asked often throughtout the day, and 'going' with a friend always helps lol Good luck!

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers...I hope that today brings some more good news and improvements.xx [Edited on 30/01/2010]

I use Finish powerballs and rinse aid - purely because this is what the manufacturer recommends. Check your paperwork - they may have a 'preferred' type. I am not sure whether it makes much difference or not, but after spending big $$ on appliances, I like to use the products that they suggest. Michelle

I have the week mapped out (back to school, and work this week, so I am starting off organised!) * tonight - fried rice and chicken kebabs * Tuesday night - chicken and tomato pasta bake * Wednesday - Chow Mein (left overs from last night) * Thursday - BBQ chook and roast veg * Friday - Take away I'd be guessing!

We have LG Plasma's - and they are great