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Mrs, I've been like you and VERY reluctant to try any other vampire style books, and I've read the Twilight series twice....but I am desperate for somthing decent to read. Perhaps I'll give Vampire Academy a go....

Ree, we don't have a HS anywhere near us. I'll try Target again tomorrow. I have had a set of sheets put away for quite a while and now that we have the new bed I can use them. They are glorious!! I want another set to get us through winter as well as I they are thick enough to be able to to away with flanellette. Do you have plans to head over this way? We are heading to Tassie for a fortnight on Easter Sunday ]

Frankie, I am very sorry to hear you sad news xx michelle

Never say never Amanda xx Michelle

Just name the day Elisa ] Target have a King Size 6pce bed pack with a quilt cover, pillow slips, a cushion and 2 cushopn covers (just need to get the cushions now). It is white with an embroidered design on it - tall flowers (kind of). The embroidery is in brown for the stems and olive green/bluey-grey for the flowers, and the cushions are olive green. Our bedroom has a chocolate borwn wall where our bedhead is and choc brown carpet - it'll look fab. For $89 - its a bargain - would've happily paid more though! I also wanted to get their 1000 count sheets but they didn't have them in King. Will try another Target this arvo or tomorrow ]

Lucky you Elisa - getting to a) go to Chaddy, and b) go on your own!! LOL I've just been into town and got some clothes for Mackenzy and I, shoes, and linen. Its a shame it is so damn hot here though - I could shop for days ] Michelle

My instinct was right then LOL Kenz was desperate to get some, but I stuck to my guns. Glad I did by the sounds Ricki! At least they should be clean lol Does it stain their skin, or the bath?

What gorgeous kids!! Great photos Elisa ]

We had a pretty quiet day....although we are all a little sore and worn out from the Wii that we..ooops, I meant Mackenzy got LOL It has been on since around 8am, and has just gone off. It was just the 3 of us for lunch, as I haven't spoken to many members of my family since last Christmas. Which is quite sad, and does upset me quite a lot. So, all bar us had lunch at my sisters house, and my brother didn't even bother with gifts for Mackenzy. That shites me no end. Mum and Dad did come for tea....but all of the effort that I put in was a little wasted as they'd had a huge lunch. So. We have the in-laws coming tomorrow for lunch, with a few staying over (fun....not) so I have cooked all day for them. Can't wait for it to be over. But, after that whinge we have had a nice day, and of course Mackenzy has been spoiled rotten, and for the most part, she is unaware of anything going on with the family. Merry Christmas everyone, and I hope you've had a lovely day ]

Don't think that you have to drink to be social......My DH very, very, very rarely drinks (unusual I know). but he still manages to have a good time regardless. I have the occasional drink, and enjoy it, but I don't think it changes the way I enjoy myself. Otherwise - I can't really recommend anything to start with.....maybe a sweet wine?? Michelle