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Hi guys, Elz, Mackenzy is also standing, each day for longer and longer periods - very exciting! Yesterday she was standing, and then touched her hands on the floor, and then stood upright again! I also hope she'll be walking for her b'day (12/01). A question to all - Mack has started to display a little bit of a personality (her dad calls it attitude), where she is pinching, trying to grab at my face etc. I tell her NO, and pit her down so she doesn't have my attention, but she starts again soon after. I've been thinking that it coincides with her being tired, but I'm not sure if this is a good enough she just trying to express herself? Anyone having similar things happen? Michelle

HI guys, I would love to be a SAHM, but I have to go back in Jan. I work in childcare, so I'll be looking after other peoples chn. My option ws fulltime or nothing, and I didn't want fulltime at all. I put a little pressure on them, and I'm now able to go bach partime. We plan for me to only go back for 12 months while we save to build our house. I'm sure the next 12 months won't go as quickly as the last 12.

As a preschool teacher, I have always been a huge advocate for reading to your children. I would read sometimes up to 10 books to the chn in care each day, and would love to watch their faces as I told stories. I always made sure that I used different voices, and loads of expression. Now, as a mother I try so hard to read at least 3/4 books to my daughter each day, and she has already developed a few favourites. Since before she could sit, she would lay on her tummy and turn the pages of her board books...hopefully I'm encouraging an avid reader.

HI Guys, this may sound odd, but my almost 11 th old ois sleeping heaps better in the warmer/hotter weather. She is now only waking once a night, and occasionally sleeps right through. I think that she is more comfy in her loose fitting jump suits, and is happy without being covered. I have a ceiling fan on, above her, until we go to bed , and then turn it off. I have also started to wean her, so I expected her top be waking more frequently. Michelle

Hi Mel, My 10mth old loves most of the things that Naomi has suggested (haven't tried crumpets yet, but what a great idea).I also cooked up noodles, the elbow kind, and after they are cooked, I cut them up into pieces that she can pick up and eat. I usually make a lot, and them freeze it in batches that can then be added to to bol sauces etc. She also loves pieces of cheese - you can buy Bega 4 kids slices, which are really handy to tear apart. Sliced ham and other meats are also great. A few weeks ago I made up a batch of small muffins with currants in them and I froze them- they are handy for m/a'teas. I just break them up a little Having said this, I find I often am really stuck for ideas as well! Good luck Michelle

I have also used that Brauer Teething relief, and found it great. My health nurse said that she didn't think it would be any good, as it doesn't contain any pain relief ingrediants. But it does have many natural calming ingrediants, and it seems very effective.

Hi,I just wanted to share my daughters latest talent with you - I can't believe how quickly they pick things up! My dad made her a little wooden car (Herbie like), and she has ony just (yesterday) taken a bit of interest in it. She began rolling it along the floor, and I added the 'brrmm' sound, and she copied!! This morning she has spent a long time playing with it, and has continued making the sound.....funny how she won't say "mum", no matter how often I say it. Aren't they funny little things - Michelle

Hi Kica, I was just thinking the same thing1 My daughter, Mackenzy was born on January 12, at 8.02am after a VERY long weekend. I can't believe that her first year is almost over, and not only am I thinking about her 1st Chrissie, but her first birthday party plans are underway. By your post, I gather you have twins, and must be very busy, and getting ready for a double celebration - its so exciting!! Hope to continue chatting to you and any other parents of Jan babes Have a great day Michelle

I envy you all! OUr mothers grp was started Feb/Mar this year, and started out great. But, soon after the get togethers at the health centre finished, everything went very pear shaped. I became very clicky, and I found that if you happened to miss a week, you were completely out of the loop, and left out. My daughter is one of the oldest in the group, and seemed to be dong things a little earlier than others. i was always very careful not to brag about things, but I ended up feeling really bad, and uncomfortable when she was doing things first - It shoud not be like this. Then, venues/days/times were changed, and only the 'in' girls were notified, so I stopped going. Last week we met for a Christmas party which was really nice though. right through my pregnancy I was really looking forward to joining a mothers group, but I am sorry that I have wasted so much time and effort being upset by what ended up happening. But, I'mreally pleased that it has been successful for others Have ...

Hi Jen, I think the gym is called Musical Chorus Gym (or similar) and its made by Fisher Price. It doesn't have the name on it, so I'm not quite sure. It has been great value, and Mackenzy has gotten something out of it since birth - she's now 10 mth old. It is made really well - strong, sturdy, and safe - gee, maybe I should be selling them!! I would definately recommend it.