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My*2 replied to topic Young talent time

I can't stand to watch it. It's really painful. THe thing is, they recreate all these shows we've loved to bits, YTT, It's a knock out etc and I would rather watch reruns of the originals then watc...

Saturday 10 March 11:23pm

My*2 replied to topic iTunes/iPhones HELP

We had the same problem and i went into the Apple store and he said you both need to have separate accounts on your computer. For example you know when you log into your computer when you start it...

Wednesday 16 November 01:12am

My*2 started new topic iTunes/iPhones HELP

Hubby has just got an iphone and when we sync our phones to itunes we get each others contacts. How do I stop it? Someone said to set it up through our outlook account but I haven't been able to wo...

Tuesday 15 November 09:40pm

My*2 started new topic Birthday Invites

I would like to make some cool invites for my kids birthdays coming up. Does anyone have a good program that can be downloaded? Not really sure what type of invites, would like to use some cartoon ...

Wednesday 03 August 04:05am

My*2 replied to topic Anyone done Tupperware before?

Hi, I'm a Tupperware demonstrator. In regards to tax and cash in your pocket - you only pay tax once you sell over $60, 000+ (can't remember the exact figure but it's around there) and of course on...

Friday 29 July 05:33am

My*2 replied to topic Anyone done Tupperware parties?

As you can see by my sig..I'm a demonstrator. I LOVE tupperware. The large catalogue you saw at the party...I own everything in it plus of course the Summer ranges too. I hosted a few parties, been...

Thursday 09 June 05:54am

My*2 replied to topic Anyone do Avon?

Probably not, but I need to excercise self control - I think I've got Tupperware under control...finally! Thanks for the info, it's something I will have to consider.

Sunday 22 May 06:08am

My*2 replied to topic Anyone do Avon?

I do Avon. No catches at all. Nothing to become a rep... i love it!! And yes its great to buy stuff for yourself! You get all the clearance books ect!! It can be hard to make decent money though...

Sunday 22 May 05:50am

My*2 started new topic Anyone do Avon?

My fabulous Avon chick moved away. She offered to find someone else for me, but I said no as I spent way to much money. I really miss looking at the catalogue and of course placing an order (but I ...

Sunday 22 May 05:32am

My*2 replied to topic Does anybody know what it cost to

I used to be bottle, block, bleach (whatever it's called) blonde all over before I got pregnant but decided to go brunett and not dye my hair while I was preggers. I'm light brown with hair to my ...

Wednesday 18 May 09:06pm

My*2 replied to topic Esanda Finance

Thanks for the replies. I wasn't expecting such a mixed response. We are getting a new Holden and that's who they deal with, but we also got a quote/pre approval from our bank so either way I'm not...

Monday 09 May 02:24am

My*2 started new topic Esanda Finance

Has anyone gone through Esanda recently for a new car loan? I'm trying to suss out the interest rate to compare with others, but am having no luck on the net or over the phone (on hold for 20mins b...

Sunday 08 May 12:07am

My*2 started new topic Tech savvy people

Can anyone tell me if I can access the internet via my iphone by tapping into my bigpond mobile broadband card? Thanks

Wednesday 30 March 10:46pm

My*2 replied to topic What am i going to do

If your mum is willing to have bubs the whole time your in hospital, why not let her. But perhaps (if she's on good terms with your DH) ask her to stay at your house? Saves on taxi fees and not to ...

Wednesday 30 March 03:47am

My*2 replied to topic When did you...

DS started prep this year at a state school. They took enrolments last year in 3rd term, first pref was for family already at school then first in first served as they are capped. We looked into th...

Wednesday 23 March 04:05am

My*2 started new topic Ebay Help

I keep loosing my ebay bids in the dying seconds and someone suggested that they might be using a sniper. I have no idea what that is but if you do can you tell me where to get it? Thanks!

Tuesday 22 March 10:04pm

My*2 started new topic Double

Sorry double

Tuesday 22 March 10:04pm

My*2 replied to topic Do you look at initials when naming babies???

Yep, our last name starts with O, so a lot of names were out for us when we named our kids. I liked Benjamin for a name for DS, but this would have resulted in initials of B.O. my FIL has the i...

Wednesday 02 March 04:00am

My*2 replied to topic Moving Interstate - from VIC to QLD

In the town DH started his mining career in, we had to drive through Middlemount to get back to our home town. It really is a blink and you'll miss it type town. The isn't an abundance of shops, re...

Friday 18 February 04:07am

My*2 replied to topic Anyone have a Holden Cruze

We bought a brand new SS a few years ago were also concerned about the fuel consumption as it wasn't as great as we were told. Over time (ie more kms racked up) it did improve but town usage wasn't...

Monday 14 February 12:02am
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