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^Mumto2Ts^ replied to topic Disappointed

Cotton on and Bonds online have been my go to places for boys. mainly for jeans and trackies. our whole family wear bonds for trackies and jackets etc. I think targets boy clothes in the smaller ...

Thursday 20 February 11:07pm

^Mumto2Ts^ replied to topic Thoughts?

not selfish at all. why shouldn't you do something for yourself if it is going to help your overall wellbeing (self esteem, confidence, etc). if you have the money, go for it.

Monday 17 February 08:14pm

^Mumto2Ts^ replied to topic Money and Marriage

we have a joint account which we use for all things house and kid related, mortgages, house bills, groceries, childcare, school fees and all your normal day to day bills. we have our own separate ...

Sunday 16 February 08:09pm

^Mumto2Ts^ replied to topic Funny or not so funny

I don't find this funny either. I think more so because he took his 18 month old sister with him.

Saturday 15 February 09:09am

^Mumto2Ts^ replied to topic Do you tell DH/DP about everything you buy?

i only tell him if I am particularly excited over the purchase. dh doesn't care and trusts that I buy what is needed and accepts that I sometime go a little overboard with them. we have a clo...

Saturday 04 January 05:22pm

^Mumto2Ts^ replied to topic Do you have...

I have a Justin bieber cup that says merry Christmas and that he loves me lol. an awesome gift from the cousins. I use it at work as it guarantees that it is never used by anyone else. 1 because...

Thursday 14 November 07:12pm

^Mumto2Ts^ replied to topic Has anyone had a tummy tuck?

yeah, being a nurse you will need a bit more time. mine was a desk job so there was no strenuous activity so not a big deal going back. once i was given the go ahead to start exercising again, wh...

Friday 08 November 05:50pm

^Mumto2Ts^ replied to topic Has anyone had a tummy tuck?

Skubala wrote: How old were your kids when you had the op? How long before you could lift them, do housework, do usual every day stuff? How does the scar look now? Sorry to ask lots of questions, b...

Friday 08 November 04:48pm

^Mumto2Ts^ replied to topic Has anyone had a tummy tuck?

I have had a tummy tuck primarily to repair severe muscle separation and repair hernias, but also to remove the saggy skin left after having 2 children that no amount of crunches can repair. given...

Friday 08 November 04:32pm

^Mumto2Ts^ replied to topic Dust Buster / Hand Held Vacuum Recommendations?

we have the black and decker dustbuster pivot 18v. like you we purchased the cheaper ones a few times. they are bloody useless. this one cost $165 and we cant believe we waited so long to get a...

Monday 04 November 12:43pm

^Mumto2Ts^ replied to topic Gas central heating

we have gas central heating and reverse cycle air conditioning. we only use the gas in the winter as it is awesome. warms up the house quickly, maintains temperature and is easily programmed. ou...

Monday 04 November 12:40pm

^Mumto2Ts^ replied to topic Do you make your hubby's lunch?

no. dh normally takes a frozen meal or similar. he has just started taking left overs if there is any as he is trying to cut down on his lunch spending. he very rarely makes a sandwich. I always ...

Friday 01 November 10:50am

^Mumto2Ts^ replied to topic Mummas with kids age gap around 18 months

there is a 19 month gap between my ds and dd. he was not jealous at all with the new baby and never tried to pick her up. he would just try and give her a dummy when she cried. dd was a pretty c...

Thursday 03 October 10:14am

^Mumto2Ts^ replied to topic Do you swear?

80sBaby wrote: It's pretty bad when your toddler can use it in context blink lol, I agree. we were eating tea and my ds had to go to the toilet and my dd said 'for [email protected]@ks sake, again?!...

Monday 30 September 12:31pm

^Mumto2Ts^ replied to topic Do you swear?

yes, way too much. both my 4 and 5 year old tell me off for it. a while back I was driving in the car and my 4 year old dd said 'mum, i'm so proud of you, you haven't said any naug...

Monday 30 September 12:28pm

^Mumto2Ts^ replied to topic What beauty products can't you live without?

for make up i cant live without my garnier tinted eye roller, bronzer and mascara. its all I wear unless we are going out out. skin - total effects dual serum and moisturiser. loving this product...

Friday 27 September 09:11am

^Mumto2Ts^ replied to topic Big Brother

I am totally addicted to this show this season and yep, not liking Tully at all. has anyone seen the "Hitler's reaction to Tully not being up for nomination" on youtube. OMG, it is...

Monday 16 September 09:33pm

^Mumto2Ts^ replied to topic Smacking being made illegal?

we aren't a 'no smacking' house but tbh I cant remember the last time any of the kids received one. we use the 123 method and if they get to 3 then they are in their room for howeve...

Saturday 27 July 11:16am

^Mumto2Ts^ replied to topic Croup...conflicting info *updated*

both my kids get croup every year. we were told to use a vaporiser and it actually made things worse for them. it put moisture into the air and the ability for them to breathe would get worse, no...

Thursday 25 July 09:18pm

^Mumto2Ts^ replied to topic not sure about teeth whitening results

mirabi wrote: hi there has anyone ever done an at home whitening kit from the dentist (different from supermarket) it has cost me so much money and I was so excited to try it, but I have been using...

Wednesday 17 July 08:07pm
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