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kazv replied to topic Nappy Rash

i found a cream called desitin that you buy from the chemist the best for nappy rash. my sister has 4 children and she put me onto it as it seemed to work for her. it is thick like zinc and puts ...

Monday 24 February 10:08pm

kazv replied to topic How much does your 71/2 month old weigh?

i wouldnt be too worried. my boy just turned 4 months and weighs 9 kg already!! all he has is breastmilk and has been sleeping through since 6 weeks. my neice was the same and she is now 12 mths a...

Monday 24 February 10:01pm

kazv replied to topic Breastfed babies & bowel movements

breastfed babies can go up to 10 days without bowel movements. i was told this was because breastmilk is made up only of what the baby needs so there is no need to "rid" the body of what is not nee...

Monday 24 February 09:53pm

kazv replied to topic breastfeeding

my first born caused me all sorts of trouble breastfeeding. mastitis, cracked nipples etc. the best thing to do is to try to continue and get constant help from community health centres, australian...

Monday 24 February 09:48pm

kazv replied to topic travelling in car

my daughter used to do the same thing and we found out she had an upset stomach and sitting in the car seat caused her more pain. she used to scream everytime we were in the car and not stop until...

Tuesday 18 February 09:35pm
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