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wendi replied to topic Going mad with the whinging.....

I have a 13mth old boy in the last couple of weeks he has also just none stop been winging it is driving us mad. He will get interested in something and play for a while he is fine but then it is ...

Wednesday 05 April 05:05am

wendi replied to topic Constant Waking

My son is 9 months old and does the same thing. Friday and Saturday night he was good but then Sunday night it was hell and then I have to try and work all day. With my eyes hanging out off my hea...

Thursday 24 November 09:34am

wendi started new topic 3 yr old girl fussy eater

my 3 yr old daughter will not eat, we had the big problem of the bottle which used to fill her up and we now have taken that from her and she tells us that she wants to eat but will not try anyth...

Tuesday 06 September 09:22am

wendi started new topic toilet trained but hides to do poos re constipation

My daughter has is just recently been toilet trained she is 3 years old, but we have had a problems with constipation for the past 8 months were she goes and hides to do a number 2 you can not get ...

Tuesday 23 August 09:08am

wendi replied to topic Toilet Wipes

I to have also came across the same toilet wipes and thought what a great idea but I also would love to buy a disposable toilet cover or something if you have any ideas were i could get this from p...

Tuesday 23 August 08:24am

wendi replied to topic Cracked Nipple Problem

Dear fiona, are your nipples red and dry and itchy also, if so this could mean that you have candida albicans(commonly known as thrush of the nipples) as i am suffering from it now, this is my sec...

Saturday 07 May 10:49am
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