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Daniel-son replied to topic Circumcision

Prior to having our son, we discussed circs with our paediatrician. I have always been against it whilst my husband was for it (being done himself). In the year prior to me becoming pregnant my n...

Wednesday 28 May 09:21am

Daniel-son replied to topic Newborn Nappies keep leaking

It is so good to see a dad taking control and asking the really important questions. We had the same problem when we brought our little boy home. You have to pull out the sides (like flaps or w...

Wednesday 28 May 09:13am

Daniel-son replied to topic SCREAMING ANS SQUEELING

Hi Jodie, Unfortunately I don't have a solution (thought I'd say this up front) but just to let you know that I have the same problem with my 15 month old. I pick him up all the time and now am h...

Thursday 22 May 07:46am

Daniel-son started new topic How much milk?

I have a toddler, 15 months old. He is currently having 3 x 200ml bottles a day of cows milk. He also has cheese, youghurt and other dairy products. When do I drop a bottle and which one should ...

Thursday 22 May 07:43am
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