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juliac replied to topic Sick of the Breastfeeding Push

Dayna I had two very different experiences. My daughter didn't want to breastfeed at all. She just wasn't attaching properly. So when recovering from a c/section i had to deal with this baby tha...

Thursday 29 January 11:25pm

juliac replied to topic Great Dads!

Here here.... My partner is a great dad as well, and just loves spending time with the kids - we have a 3year old and a 3month old. Our 3year old is certainly a daddy's girl and just loves him to ...

Thursday 01 January 02:20pm

juliac replied to topic how much sleep?

I really think it all depends on the individual child. Some babies just need more sleep than others, and my little boy (3months) varies from day to day. Some days all he does is eat/sleep/eat/sle...

Tuesday 30 December 05:05pm

juliac replied to topic Most indispensible baby accessories & Equipment

so pleased to see that so many people love the fisher-rpice aquarium. I just bought one for my son for christmas (he will be 3 months old), so hope he likes it.

Saturday 06 December 05:47pm
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