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Rana replied to topic Constant night waking!! Help!

Hi, I have the exact problem, my son is 14 months old and he still wakes up allot at night around 4 to 5 times. He sleeps in my bed since he was 3 months due to his reflux which is gone when he wa...

Friday 04 June 07:08pm

Rana replied to topic Breastfeeding to sleep

Hi Mary Mac, I have the same problem, he does not eat that much, he is very active so burns lots and lots of fat that he does not even have, walks up allot at night for breastfeed and even during ...

Monday 03 May 07:03am

Rana replied to topic Portable High Chair Seat

Hi Mum 26, It is great to find out that there is such a product. Could you please tell me from which Target did you buy it. I live in Queensland and I could not find portable high chair seat in ma...

Thursday 15 April 05:21pm

Rana replied to topic Fisher-Price Lift and Lock Swing FRAME???

Thanks Casey, yes they are great ideas. I have a varanda but it looks over the drive way on top of the carpark. So it will not be safe. I wish if my varanda was on my back yeard side...

Thursday 15 April 06:17am

Rana started new topic Fisher-Price Lift and Lock Swing FRAME???

Hi, I have a son who is 12 months and two weeks old, he got the "Fisher-Price Lift and Lock Swing" as a gift on his first birthday. I went to many kids shops and could not find a FRAME for it. Any...

Tuesday 13 April 10:00am

Rana replied to topic weaning

Hi, My son is 12 month old and I have the same problem. I want to start the weaning process but I do not know how as he only sleeps on breastfeeding. He too sleeps in my bed which I do not have a ...

Wednesday 31 March 04:05pm

Rana replied to topic Need Help With A Fussy Eater!

Hi, I have a very fussy eater baby since he started solids and he is going to be one year old soon. Could you please let me know what is the powder name you used from the chemist? As my son not gai...

Wednesday 10 March 11:18am

Rana started new topic Weight problem?

My son is going to be 12mths old next week '16th of March 04) and weighs less than 8kg and I think he is losing weight. Everyone comments on how he is so tiny and breaks my heart to hear this an...

Wednesday 10 March 11:13am
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