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shaz e

shaz e replied to topic My toddler is a biter and won't stop

Have experienced similar situations, except my daughter was the bitten child.Happened at about 2, when child who was her best playmate started doing this. My son at about 2 1\2 started hitting othe...

Friday 29 October 03:11pm
shaz e

shaz e replied to topic boy will stand to pee but wont sit on loo for no 2's

I would beware of him getting constipated.When daughter was 2 she was fully toilet trained, then at 2 1\2 she reverted back to soiling, holding on instead of going on the toilet. Everyone said it w...

Friday 29 October 02:40pm
shaz e

shaz e replied to topic Coffee and a chat

If he can handle playing with a 4yr old - get in touch. We live in PN and work full time, but free on weekends - have a nanny when son is not at Morning Kindy.

Friday 29 October 02:10pm
shaz e
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