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amymargaret73 started new topic Weaning to cow's milk

I am interested in weaning my 11 month old to cow's milk before we head East for the holidays. I am finding conflicting information about when you can actually begin the weaning process. He has c...

Friday 07 November 08:55am

amymargaret73 replied to topic Finger Food ideas please!!

I was also at a loss for finger food ideas, let's face, still am. I have discovered a few favorites for Ayden, maybe these ideas will help you. Miniture fruit muffins, homemade. Vegemite and butte...

Wednesday 29 October 12:33pm

amymargaret73 replied to topic Spewy Baby

I am so happy to see that other parents are going through what I have been going through. Ayden is the ONLY child in Mother's Group that is spewy. I also thought it was a problem, but as time wen...

Wednesday 29 October 12:21pm
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