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tulip started new topic Steps for Toilet Training Set out from Qld Child Health website

I've read many messages about mums wanting to know about how to toilet train and it's great getting ideas from each other. I am listing the info from Qld Child Health which sets out what the believ...

Wednesday 31 August 03:51pm

tulip replied to topic wetting through at night

yes.It's normal for bub to wake up during thenight if the nappy is very wet. my girls did this and occasionally still do if they had a big drink beofre bed (20months old now). There's nothing to st...

Saturday 27 August 07:58am

tulip replied to topic DUMMY

of course it's possible but you will have to persevere with it. Do you mean that you won't give it to her to sleep with during the day and only at night. If you're going to stop the day dummy then ...

Thursday 25 August 04:32pm

tulip started new topic running out of food ideas

Help! I'm running out of ideas on what to feed my 18 month old twins. They eat weetbix and toast for breakfast and maybe yoghurt. lunch - our biggest problem. we used to feed them lasagne or casse...

Tuesday 14 June 03:16pm

tulip replied to topic Daycare or Pre-school

it depends on where you live and whether you are thinking private pre school (part of a day care centre) or state/govt funded. some pre schools have half days - so some kids go half days. monday an...

Sunday 12 June 02:55pm

tulip replied to topic glycerine on bub's dummy

the cardiologist used glycerine on one of our bubs dummy when he had to scan her heart (she was only 8 weeks). Caitlin loved it (and that's an understatement). When I jokingly said that I would hav...

Friday 01 April 05:09pm

tulip replied to topic Night waking and crying- EVERY NIGHT

Something to look foward to - my twins seem to be having the same thing - our CHN said it could be night terrors and there's nothing that we can do. Of course - they're also getting teeth - which i...

Friday 01 April 05:03pm

tulip replied to topic Artical on controlled crying

you know what I think one of the problems is - the definition of controlled crying - everyone has different views on what it means and there are different techniques. We were taught at Riverton Pa...

Friday 01 April 04:59pm

tulip replied to topic TWINS>>>sleeping needs differednt

I have 15mo twin girls. They have separate rooms but sometimes bang on the wall to each other. I know what you mean about having one up with the other one asleep - it's bliss when they both sleep ...

Friday 01 April 04:46pm

tulip replied to topic Favourites with twins.

I guess I'm lucky - my 15month old twin girls are both feral. Well that's not true - but they take it in turns to have a tanty. They're both lovely with lovely personalities but the smaller one h...

Friday 25 March 06:14pm

tulip replied to topic Help my daughter only wants breast milk, nothing else and I want to wean!

Unfortunately you'll have to be tough and say no. Offer her small amounts of water from a cup during the day and when she's supposed to have abreastfeed after lunch offer her a cup of milk. If she...

Friday 25 March 06:05pm

tulip replied to topic Toddler Formula's

our 15mo twins are on s26 "2". We;ve tried them on Toddler gold but they hate it. We've had trouoble getting them onto cows milk, but our paediatrician said that they can stay on it until they're...

Friday 25 March 05:57pm

tulip replied to topic Headbanging Anything!!

my 15 mo twin girls will bang their heads as well. WE ignore them most times but if they're dooing it on the tiles i just move them onto the carpet area without saying a word. When one bangs her ...

Saturday 12 March 06:50pm

tulip replied to topic Artical on controlled crying

If you read the baby whisperer book you will see that although she indicates a time she also discusses recognises when baby's crying escalates as the time to settle them. Although I agree with the...

Saturday 12 March 06:44pm

tulip replied to topic MOVING TO BIG BED - 21mth old boy

All his sleeps should be in bed not his cot. Put a gate up or close the door. You may even put a doona on the floor near the bed in case he decides to camp out on the floor instead of going back i...

Saturday 12 March 06:34pm

tulip replied to topic Sleeping with nothing covered

We got an all in one with feet last winter from Myer and I noticed that they go up to a size three. I can't remember the brand but am sure that the store will stock something similar again this ye...

Saturday 12 March 06:29pm

tulip replied to topic dinner ideas?

Our 15 month old twins started on "normal food" not baby food and they eat: avocado on toast as their entree, lasagne, casserole, roast chicken, or lamb, steakand they have mashed pumpkin with swee...

Saturday 12 March 06:24pm

tulip replied to topic A Solution for Sleep Problems that Works!!!

we did something similar with our twins. i went to Riverton Parenting Centre in Brisbane (we called it baby jail with the sleep nazis). It was great - the timed intervals were hard, especially wh...

Monday 07 March 06:53pm

tulip replied to topic Losec question

Our twins have just been weaned off Losec syrup. it worked reallly well - they still vomited but our paediatrician said they were probably just spewey babies. We started off on the losec tablets...

Thursday 17 February 07:33pm

tulip replied to topic Double stroller (mainly for walking) - DS 16 kg!

we have 14 month old twins but used a Love N Care jogger from the time they came home at 4 weeks. I'm sure that your 3 year old and new bub will work well in this pram.

Thursday 17 February 07:25pm
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