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Lora replied to topic Thumb in mouth help!

Hi Luvy, After reading your message i had to laugh, i used to stuck my thumb till the age of 6!! Yep it's true and after all those years oneday i just stop on my own. Now my little girl is doing t...

Saturday 01 November 04:08pm

Lora replied to topic im new too the parents exchange

Hi Kirstymb, I'm new to this site too and i love it. It's so nice to meet other mums and get advise and just make new friends I have a 6 month old girl called Natalia. Isn't it so exciting! What k...

Saturday 18 October 10:04am

Lora replied to topic New mum who doesn't have mum of her own

Hi Maddy, Unfortunately i can't relate to you. But what i wanted to ask was do you have sisters or friends that are close to you that you can speak and share the experience with? I'm sure this is ...

Saturday 18 October 10:00am

Lora started new topic Nappy rash

Hi, Just wondering if anyone's baby has experienced really bad nappy rash. My little girl never used to suffer from this cause i always put proper cream but recently she developed a sudden rash th...

Saturday 18 October 09:43am
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