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flossie replied to topic Listens to dad but not mum.Help!!!

they listen to dad straight away because they don't know how far they can push him. they know how we'll react because we're always there. my son has jusst turned 2 & overnight became a horror child...

Wednesday 15 December 09:37pm

flossie replied to topic Leaking nappies

huggies nappies, blue for boys pink for girls. All other brands didn't work for us.

Monday 01 December 02:33pm

flossie replied to topic Disobedient

i don't know if you believe in it or not, but smack him!!! Kids know how to treat another person by the age of 5 & they learn that from us. If you let him walk all over you & treat you like this n...

Monday 01 December 02:22pm

flossie replied to topic Over-weight toddler

hi Penny, my son is 16.14kg at 1yr old, he was 7.3lb at birth. he eats most food put in front of him, but doesn't eat more than your average kid. I put his weight & size down to genetics, that's no...

Monday 01 December 02:13pm
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